Connected car alliances: Fiat/Tesla/Apple/Google & Mazda/Toyota

toyota-mirai-fuel-cell-sedan-20-640x426This weekend, there are some interesting reports of automakers seeking or forming alliances. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed he met with potential partners in California while Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda are working on a deal to share technology.

Tesla, Google or Apple Car-Play with Fiat Chrysler?

According to Reuters, while Marchionne was in California, he met with Tim Cook, Elon Musk and rode in a Google self-driving car. He was impressed with Musk and said he’s interested in “Apple’s intervention in the car.”

Previously, Marchionne said he is open to an alliance with Apple or Google. Marchionne, also said that consolidation would help cover development costs for advanced technologies, parts. Merging would defray costs and boost returns.

Last June, Elon Musk offered up Tesla battery patents for use by other automakers.

More Mean Green Machines in California?

According to Nikkei Business Daily, Toyota is considering providing hydrogen fuel-cell and plug-in-hybrid technology to Mazda. Mazda in return is considering offering SkyActiv series gasoline and diesel engine technology to Toyota.

In California, green technology is very important. In 2018 the state will require automakers to increase sales of electric and fuel cell “green”cars.

In the end, the cooperation of automakers should provide better more connected cars for consumers, in the future.