OBDII connected car & telematics service from OpenBay

obenbayconnectOpenbay for the New York Auto Show, announced a new product called OpenbayConnect to supplement its web and mobile apps that send offers to customers who request car service. The service will work with either  OBDII connected devices or through on-board telematics services.

Opebay claims it is the first-of-its-kind system that hooks into vehicle diagnostics to determine what’s wrong with a car, who can fix it, and at what price. The OpenbayConnect receives information from OBDII port devices on cars. The service providers diagnosis the problems and then send bids via email. Openbay contends that the service eliminates the need to go to a mechanic to diagnose a check-engine light.

Openbay will also recommended solutions for owners to do such things as tighten the gas cap.

When a vehicle experiences a problem, if the issue warrants immediate service, the information will be sent local auto repair shop through Openbay. The shops receive the data and may respond with an offer with a binding price. Openbay also sends warnings to members of its service.

Openbay processes payments, via credit card or Apple Pay after the agreed-upon repair or maintenance is performed. OpenbayConnect’s is  free to car owners.

This service is ideal for people who forget to change their oil, check coolant and other maintenance services. In fact, Openbay notes that missed servicing problems can later cost more money if not attended to.

86% of cars on the road are past their warranties and 72% are in need of repair or maintenance.

Vehicle repair and maintenance history is available online. Openbay’s web and mobile app sync to show service history.

Openbay says it is the only nationwide online marketplace for car repair.

The service be available in the spring. For a trial early-access period OpenBay will issue devices for free with activation and data in certain areas for select older model cars seven to twelve years old.

OpenBay will announce OpenBayConnect partners in the future.