Android Auto models announced Hyundai, Volvo, & Honda

hyundaiThree carmakers have announced Android Auto deployment, after the Android Auto announcement at Google I/O.

Android Auto projects the Android screen on the infotainment screen that offers voice, SMS voice messaging, notifications, navigation and music via the steering wheel buttons or voice.

Some carmakers will allow Android to take over the whole infotainment system while others will integrate Android Auto features.

Double Play from Hundai with CarPlay

Hyundai announced, today, that it will offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto by the end of this year with the Sonata 2015. New 2015 Sonatas that are sold before the Apple and Android features are available will be updated at a later date.

Hyundai cars will be able to use CarPlay and Android Auto via Hyundai’s touchscreen Audio Video Navigation (AVN) systems. Android Auto will be available in select Hyundai models starting in the 2015 model year.

Hyundai has been working with Apple and Google for the past two years, said Miles Johnson, manager, connected care publicity at Hyundai who noted that through the Open Automotive Alliance, Hyundai advised Google as to what features would be included in Android Auto.

Hyundai’s AVN systems allow Hyundai, Android Auto or CarPlay content to co-exist simultaneously.

“An icon appears on the infotainment system when an iPhone or Android phone is connected to the system,”  Johnson explained that a common use for both system to work at the same time is say when a Hyundai navigation system may be running and the driver then asks Siri to make a phone call.  Or in the case of Android Auto, the driver may reply to text a message using Android Auto while the Hyundai navigation or another Hyundai feature is operating.

The icons representing programs in the Hyundai infotainment system can be activated by touch or voice, said Johnson.

Drivers can connect their Android phone to Android Auto via a USB port in the Hyundai car.

The announcement makes Sonata the first nonluxury car in America to offer CarPlay and Hyundai is the first carmaker to announced Android Auto in a model car. Android Auto was announced at Google I/O today.

Other car systems will allow Android Auto a complete screen takeover.

Volvo Car Group also announced today that it has joined the Open Automotive Alliance to make the Android Auto available to drivers. Android Auto will be available on all new Volvo cars based on the new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), starting with the all-new XC90.

Honda is displaying a functional prototype at Google I/O 2014. Honda and Acura models and trims compatible with Android Auto will be announced in the future. Honda will introduce select vehicles compatible with Android Auto in 2015.


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