TripAdvisor Advises in Connected Cars via Airbiquity Choreo

tripadvisorAirbiquity announced that travel site TripAdvisor will be employed on its Choreo cloud-based connected car services platform.
The TripAdvisor app using Airbiquity Choreo offers Voice-recognition and text-to-speech for hands free driving.  Features also include GPS and one touch directions, automated mobile phone calling via Bluetooth.  Also, restaurant and hotel listings are available make reservations quickly and easily.

This system will similar to the Priceline service on Chevrolet connected cars with On Star.

Driver safety is ensured in TripAdvisor by disabled text input while the vehicle is in motion. Voice search is auto-enabled while the vehicle is in-motion to reduce driver distraction.

We were given a demonstration of the latest Airbiquity platform on a Nissan Rogue at the L.A. Auto Show.

To assist and streamline the application and content provider integration process, Airbiquity offers an App Developer Program.

Automotive OEMs also have the ability to plan and manage their connected car programs using Choreo, including issuing dynamic updates of connected car systems, applications and content without the involvement of the vehicle owner.