Samsung intros SmartThings for BMW, Car Mode & Gear S2 4 VW

IOTIFASamsungAt IFA, Samsung announced all kinds of Internet of Things inniatives including SmartThings for homes that sends notifications to BMW, Samsung Car Mode and integration Volkswagen Car-Net for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

The new Samsung SmartThings enables video monitoring, and Smart Home Monitor which provides access and control against intrusion, smoke and fire, leaks and floods, by delivering real-time notifications and video clips from multiple cameras via the SmartThings app.

Samsung SmartThings will be integrated with BMW cars by displaying notifications from the SmartThings Hub directly on the dashboard. The SmartThings app also makes it possible to check the technical status of a BMW, or lock and unlock it remotely.

Samsung announced its partnership with Volkswagen, for smartphone connections via Car Mode for Galaxy, an app powered by MirrorLink. Car Mode for Galaxy, is controlled by both touch and voice powered by S-Voice, enables phone calls, music playing, or directions. Car Mode reads incoming text messages out loud. Users can also use the features of the Car Mode for Galaxy mobile app in cars without mirroring on the head unit.

The Volkswagen Car-Net e-Remote app connects the new Samsung Gear S2 with a range of Volkswagen vehicles. Features of the app include car locating, turning on the air conditioning or managing the battery levels of electric Volkswagen.

Samsung truck with rear drive-in movie screens shows view ahead for safety

Safety_MainCar drivers can’t see what’s in front of a big rig truck. Samsung created a prototype truck with screens on the rear that show video from the front of the truck called the Samsung Safety Truck.

Samsung posted a video on YouTube, showing how difficult it is to pass a truck in country with so many single lane roads. Argentina has the highest traffic accidents rates in the world with most of the accidents occur on two-lane roads and when trying to pass large vehicles.

The Samsung Safety truck has four monitors on the rear of the truck that show the view from a wireless camera on the front of the truck. The monitors have a night-vision mode for night driving. Samsung claims it is an idea that instead of changing people’s lives, saves them.

Another advantage of the Safety Truck is that it may reduce the risk of accidents caused by sudden braking or animals crossing the road because the cars behind will see the animals and know to break along with the truck.

Samsung led the prototype development, gave the large format displays and conducted a test with a local client.

The prototype truck is no longer working, however, Samsung knows that technology works and that this idea can definitely save lives.

Samsung reports that it will perform tests in order to comply with the laws and regulation. It will then obtain the necessary permits and approvals. For this, Samsung is working together with safe driving NGOs and the Argentine government.