Tesla CyberTruck, Roadster & Plaid Nürburgring on Display at Petersen Automotive Museum 11/20

Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution traces the company’s story from fledgling startup to EV juggernaut and explores the range of its products, the breadth of its manufacturing capabilities, and its irrefutable impact on the modern transportation landscape. There will be a special opening event on November 19 and then it will be on display and open to the general public and members.


In 2019 Tesla debuted the Cybertruck pickup truck as its effort to bring electric power to a utilitarian platform historically dominated by gasoline-powered vehicles. Its distinctive stainless steel unibody—referred to as its “Exoskeleton”—makes it stronger than conventional body-on-frame designs by putting the toughest elements on the outside. The truck is designed to distribute its weight through its bodywork rather than a separate frame. As stainless steel panels cannot be traditionally formed, each panel must be press bent in one direction. This prototype was the first Cybertruck revealed to the public.

Tesla unveiled Roadster 2.0 in 2017 as the second iteration of the company’s first vehicle. Designed for ultra-high performance and potentially capable of more than 250 mph, Roadster 2.0 was the first Tesla vehicle to utilize the company’s tri-motor “Plaid” powertrain. Its name inspired by a reference to high-speed space travel in the Mel Brooks comedy SpaceBalls (1987), the Plaid platform features a three-motor layout in which one motor drives the front axle and two drive the rear, offering all-wheel drive and torque-vectoring capability.

Named for the Nürburg Castle it encircles, the Nürburgring is widely considered the world’s most demanding race circuit and serves as the industry’s proving ground for many high-performance vehicles. The circuit’s Nordschleife, or “North Loop,” stretches nearly 13 miles and consists of over 70 turns and a 1,000-foot difference in elevation. The average test run consists of one continuous lap around the Nordschleife track that showcases the limits of a vehicle’s performance.

The Petersen is located at Farifax and Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, near Beverly Hills.

More information available at https://www.petersen.org/events/tesla