Connected Car News: HARMAN, Microsoft, Holoride, Porsche & Tom Tom

In connected car news are HARMAN, Microsoft, Holoride, Porsche & Tom Tom

HARMAN Integrates with Azure

HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets, has announced that its Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) business unit has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft that will enable HARMAN to integrate with Microsoft Azure private multi-access edge compute (PMEC).

The integration will further empower HARMAN to combine network functions, applications, and edge-optimized services to deliver a broad portfolio of high-performance, ultra-low latency solutions that address the modern business needs of enterprise customers. As a result, HARMAN can further accelerate digital transformation solutions with private 5G networks and smart connectivity for enterprises across several verticals.

“Advances in technologies like 5G yield significant opportunity to accelerate innovation across nearly every industry – from transportation and healthcare to manufacturing and education,” said David Owens, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Transformation Solutions, HARMAN. “By bringing together HARMAN’s deep knowledge and experience in the communications domain with Azure private MEC, we can now offer enterprises a comprehensive solution.”

“Transportation hubs have been among the first entities to adopt emerging edge compute capabilities and private 5G connectivity to deliver innovative offerings that serve their operations teams, business customers, and travelers,” said Tad Brockway, corporate vice president Azure for Operators, Microsoft. “By using Microsoft’s portfolio of Azure services and HARMAN’s expertise in transforming enterprise infrastructures and workflows, any business can quickly scale-up new networks and deliver advanced applications that enable them to realize the same operational efficiencies.”

This collaboration has already successfully enabled digital transformation at one of the largest airports in the United States. Microsoft’s Azure private MEC combined with HARMAN’s expertise in applications and integration services have helped to transform the airport’s manual cargo handling process to one that is IoT-enabled and far more intelligent. As a result, the airport saw tangible improvements to the efficiency, optimization, and general handling of its cargo tracking system – saving significant resources including operational costs.

Holoride to Give Porsche Holorides at PEC in LA

Following a series of successful joint projects, this is holoride’s first commercial installation of the technology that aims to change backseat entertainment. The pilot programme at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Los Angeles will assess customer demand and technical stability as a prelude to a potential roll-out to other PECs worldwide. By connecting real-time physical feedback inside a moving vehicle to content in a VR headset, passengers will be taken on a fully-immersive journey through outer space as they fly a spaceship, including sound effects and visuals that adapt to the movement of the car.

To make this possible, holoride uses driving data from a Porsche Cayenne, such as steering, accelerating and braking, to adapt the experience to match the movement of the car. This unique approach enables motion sickness to be reduced by matching what passengers see and feel with almost no latency.

“Porsche stands for emotional and dynamic customer experiences and the joint pilot with holoride is a great teaser for how these experiences can be translated to a digital future,” says Zabih Aria, Director, Strategy and Digital Business, at Porsche Cars North America. “The new installation in our Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles is the next step in our partnership, which we intend to continue in the future.”

The Cosmic Chase game
The experience itself features an original game, Cosmic Chase, developed jointly with Schell Games, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Passengers will find themselves aboard a spaceship around a group of recruits that form the Earth Alliance, tasked with fighting off the alien Cymex.

“We are collaborating with Porsche Cars North America to give passengers the thrill of a high-speed ride, combined with a highly-immersive VR experience,” says Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride. “We are excited to offer a new type of attraction to automotive and entertainment-savvy audiences in the greater Los Angeles area. This attraction is a perfect example of how automotive experience centers are transforming into exciting destinations that the whole family can enjoy and where no one is left out.”///

TomTom, the geolocation technology specialist, announced that it has joined the MIH Consortium as the first and only global mapmaker and navigation supplier. The Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium is bringing strategic partners like TomTom together from across the automotive industry to build the next generation of electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving, and mobility service applications.

MIH Consortium considers TomTom’s knowledge in digital cockpit and navigation user-experience (UX) for EV drivers as a significant addition to the Open EV Alliance. TomTom’s powerful routing engine leverages advanced map and traffic data as well as information from the vehicle and its surroundings to provide reliable EV routes that get drivers to their destination the fastest, free from range and charging anxiety.

Jack Cheng, CEO of MIH Consortium said, “With TomTom’s collaborative ethos and expertise in creating and maintaining globally scalable maps optimized for user-friendly EV navigation, automated driving and smart mobility solutions, it is clear that they will be an invaluable partner to the MIH Consortium and the Open EV Alliance.”

As a member of the MIH Consortium, TomTom will collaborate regularly with global automotive and technology leaders, help to drive the consortium’s strategic direction, accelerate innovation, and influence the biggest trends in the mobility industry.