Reactions to EPA Reinstating California’s Own Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards

On March 9, EPA reinstated California’s authority under the Clean Air Act to implement its own greenhouse gas emission standards for cars and light trucks, which other states can also adopt and enforce. With this authority restored, EPA will continue partnering with states to advance the next generation of clean vehicle technologies.

“We proudly reaffirm California’s longstanding authority to lead in addressing pollution from cars and trucks,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “Our partnership with states to confront the climate crisis has never been more important. With today’s action, we reinstate an approach that for years has helped advance clean technologies and cut air pollution for people not just in California, but for the U.S. as a whole.”

With the action EPA also withdrew the SAFE-1 interpretation of the Clean Air Act that would prohibit other states from adopting the California GHG emission standards. As a result, other states may choose to adopt and enforce California’s GHG emission standards in lieu of the Federal standards, consistent with section 177 of the Clean Air Act.

Leaders from across state government, business, advocacy and public health groups, and Members of Congress are praising this critical step to confront the climate crisis, reduce air pollution, and save families money at the gas pump. See what they are saying

State Leaders

California Governor Gavin Newsom: “I thank the Biden Administration for righting the reckless wrongs of the Trump Administration and recognizing our decades-old authority to protect Californians and our planet. The restoration of our state’s Clean Air Act waiver is a major victory for the environment, our economy, and the health of families across the country that comes at a pivotal moment underscoring the need to end our reliance on fossil fuels. California looks forward to partnering with the Biden Administration to make a zero-emission future a reality for all Americans.”

California Attorney General Rob Bonta: “Today’s announcement by the Biden Administration reaffirming California’s authority to require significant reductions in harmful emissions from new motor vehicles is a victory for Californians, a victory for the nation, and a victory for the planet. Right now, we are standing on the edge of a cliff, and every day that we don’t act, we come a little bit closer to falling over the edge. If we’re going to tackle the climate crisis, we’re all going to have to do our part. And California’s standards — which have been adopted by 15 states and counting — are some of the best tools we have to reduce emissions, drive technological innovation, and protect public health.”

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser: “For the last three years, we fought in court to restore Colorado’s authority under the Clean Air Act to adopt vehicle emissions standards that are stronger than those of the federal government. The restoration of this authority corrects a misguided and illegal action by the federal government to pre-empt Colorado’s low- and zero-emission vehicle standards. These standards are needed to reduce air pollution, protect public health, and address the harmful effects of climate change. Colorado needs flexibility to protect our outdoors and our air quality—today’s decision allows our state to do just that and respects the Clean Air Act’s commitment to federalism. Now, Colorado can continue with our Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicle Program with regulatory certainty, which will improve air quality, give customers more choice when purchasing an electric vehicle, and transition our state to a clean energy economy.”

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong: “This is a huge victory for air quality and our climate. I applaud the Biden Admin. for restoring California’s waiver for clean car standards. These standards, adopted by Connecticut under the Clean Air Act, are critical to fight climate change and improve public health.”

Delaware Governor John Carney: “Delawareans, and all Americans, stand to benefit from putting cleaner cars on our roads and being proactive toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Revoking the California waiver ignored the longstanding authority in the Clean Air Act for states to adopt California’s stronger vehicle emission standards. This is critical to Delaware for mitigating the impacts of climate change. Delaware is the lowest-lying state, and the transportation sector has become a significant contributor in degrading our air quality. This action puts us in position to move beyond that temporary roadblock toward a cleaner future – with cleaner air – for Delawareans.”

New Jersey Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin: “Thank you to @EPA for taking action today to restore states’ proper role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, following a lawsuit we filed in 2019. With today’s announcement, our residents will be able to breathe easier.”

New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection Shawn M. LaTourette: “We applaud the EPA for reinstating California’s clean car waiver, which means New Jersey can continue developing very strong vehicle emissions standards that are protective of both public health and the environment. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey, which is why we launched the New Jersey Protecting Against Climate Threats (NJ PACT) suite of regulatory reforms to reduce climate pollutants in our state. Today’s decision reaffirms our commitment to greener and cleaner transportation in every community.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul: “Reinstating the California Clean Air Act waiver will allow New York to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and institute higher air quality standards that will benefit all of our communities. With today’s restoration, the Biden Administration is demonstrating their sustained commitment to fighting climate change, and bolstering New York’s efforts to make all new passenger cars and trucks sold in New York State to be zero-emissions by 2035. On behalf of all New Yorkers, we are grateful for President Biden and U.S. EPA Administrator Regan’s work to reverse the devastating actions taken by the previous administration and to continue to improve our environmental standards.”

Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles: “Congratulations to EPA for its decision to reinstate Clean Air Act authority for California, Maryland & 14 other states to use California’s more aggressive tailpipe emission & fuel economy standards. It’s good news for clean air, climate progress & states’ rights.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak: “I applaud the @EPA for confirming NV and other States can adopt #CleanerCars standards to ⬇️ air and climate pollution. NV is a #TransportationElectrification leader & I’m proud we adopted #CleanCarsNevada in 2021 to support a vibrant, equitable, sustainable NV. Transportation is the No. 1 source of greenhouse gas emissions in NV & drives disproportionate pollution burdens for historically underserved communities. Clean Cars Nevada is one of many steps we are taking as part of my administration’s commitment to elevate #NevClimateAction.”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee: “Reinstating California’s authority under the Clean Air Act rightly returns power to the states to reduce transportation emissions. Transpo is both the country’s and Washington state’s highest polluting sector. @EPA’s actions today give states the ability to move forward with zero emission vehicle standards. We’re grateful to the Biden Administration and California for their continued leadership. Washington, as always, is a ready partner in realizing our zero emission future together.”

Paul Miller, Executive Director, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management: “Today’s actions by EPA restore the basic architecture of cooperative federalism that has been in place for more than half a century to protect public health from air pollution. In partnership with California, NESCAUM looks forward to continuing its long history of supporting states in adopting and implementing California’s standards to reduce motor vehicle pollution, spur market innovation, create high-quality jobs, and promote strong federal action.”

Taryn Finnessey, Acting Executive Director & Policy Director, U.S. Climate Alliance: “Today’s common sense action from the Biden Administration ensures states across the country can continue to protect public health and reduce harmful vehicle pollution and emissions. Alliance states have been driving the transition to clean cars for many years and we’ll keep leading the charge.”

John Bozzella, President and CEO, Alliance for Automotive Innovation: “Automakers are committed to working cooperatively and constructively with California and other states to ensure vehicles are efficient, clean, and affordable for all. Collaboration between governments at all levels will be essential to achieving our shared goals for a cleaner transportation future that benefits all communities and enhances U.S. economic competitiveness.”

Ryan Gallentine, Transportation Policy Director, Advanced Energy Economy: “With the California waiver restored, America’s electrified transportation industry can more confidently invest in producing zero-emission vehicles and installing vehicle-charging infrastructure for households, businesses, and government fleets. Now back in the driver’s seat, state leaders should take the opportunity to accelerate the transition to electric transportation for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. These vehicles produce about a quarter of all vehicle-generated air pollution and setting more aggressive standards will help accelerate the market for an emerging industry of electric school buses and delivery vehicles. Electric vehicles provide great economic opportunities for America’s nascent but growing EV workforce. With California’s waiver back in force, states will now be able to focus on implementing the federal infrastructure investments to build a comprehensive charging network, which will in turn spur private investment in the domestic supply chains that make up a strong EV manufacturing industry.”

Bob Holycross, Vice President for Sustainability, Ford Motor Company: “.@Ford is still proud to be the only full-line US automaker to have agreed to comply with CA’s stricter emissions standards. It was the right thing to do before the last election, it’s the right thing to do now, and we’re committed to doing the right thing going forward.”

Omar Vargas, Head of Global Policy, General Motors: “We believe everyone should have access to affordable, long-range electric vehicle options, and we are committed to working in collaboration with California to achieve an equitable transportation future. We’re all in on putting everybody in an EV.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Audi USA: “Congratulations California! An important step restoring the state’s leadership role in driving towards an all-electric and zero-emissions future. We at Audi will continue to lead from our side with one of the largest all-electric vehicle portfolios in CA and across all 50 states.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Environmental, Public Health, and Consumer Advocacy Organizations

Abigail Dillen, President, Earthjustice: “States play an essential role in driving us toward a zero emissions transportation future. By restoring California’s authority to set stronger clean car standards, the Biden administration is taking a critical step to protect public health and combat the climate crisis.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Alice Henderson, Senior Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund: “California and 16 other states across the nation have adopted innovative clean car standards that will help us build healthier communities, save families hard earned money at the gas pump, and create jobs. We applaud EPA for correcting the past administration’s unlawful roadblocks to state progress, and for enabling states across the country – from California to Colorado to Minnesota to Maine – to continue their leadership roles in advancing clean car standards.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Ann Jaworski, Staff Attorney, Environmental Law & Policy Center: “The Environmental Law & Policy Center welcomes the U.S. EPA’s action to reaffirm California’s authority to set its own greenhouse gas emission and zero-emission vehicle standards that may be stronger than federal standards as clearly permitted under the Clean Air Act. This is another step toward undoing Trump administration damage to progress on climate and clean cars. Under the Clean Air Act, once California sets its own vehicle standards, other states can adopt them as well. In July 2021, Minnesota announced it would implement California’s clean car and zero-emission vehicle standards for car model years 2025 onward once EPA restored California’s authority. Minnesota is the first Midwest state to do so and the 16th state overall, along with the District of Columbia. We are seeing the impacts of a changing climate on the Great Lakes and across the Midwest. It is imperative that we cut greenhouse gas pollution from cars and light trucks as we confront the climate crisis. The EPA’s action recognizes the important role of states under the Clean Air Act to lead the way. ELPC looks forward to working with Midwest states like Minnesota that are taking the lead on tackling the climate crisis by requiring cleaner and zero emission cars.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Carol M. Browner, Board Chair, League of Conservation Voters: “The Biden-Harris EPA’s decision to restore states’ ability to strengthen clean car standards is especially welcome news as international conflict drives up the price of oil and gasoline. We’re thrilled that Administrator Regan and the Biden-Harris EPA listened to the public and will restore the ability of states to set stronger emissions standards than the federal ones. Comprehensive clean car standards make it possible for states — and in turn, the whole country — to drive down vehicle pollution which unfairly burdens vulnerable communities in high traffic congestion areas, end U.S. reliance on dangerous, dirty and unreliable fossil fuels, and build a more just and equitable clean energy future. This rule, along with the finalized cleaner cars rule for model years 2023 to 2026, will help to advance the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles across the country and bring more good-paying jobs to U.S. workers. Continued rulemaking in the transportation sector is essential to meeting the climate test and cutting climate pollution in half by 2030.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Dan Lashof, Director, World Resources Institute United States: “EPA’s reinstatement of CA’s Clean Air Act waiver is a major win for clean air & climate action. The move restores states’ authority to set stronger vehicle emissions limits–a key to reducing transportation emissions, the top source of US CO2 pollution. The Trump administration made a disastrous decision by revoking California’s waiver that had allowed the Golden State +14 states & DC that followed its clean air rules to set stricter vehicle emission standards than those set by the federal govt to reduce air pollution. The reinstatement of the waiver will allow California and the other states to set higher vehicle emissions standards that will improve air quality and public health, reduce inequities and tackle climate change. The waiver will allow states to further drive the transition to electric vehicles, which has been accelerating across the U.S. California recently hit a major milestone of 1 million electric cars sold. Transitioning to electric vehicles will help insulate drivers from the volatility of gas prices. It’s critical the federal government works to quickly and effectively build out charging infrastructure & for Congress to include EV tax credits in its budget package. Today’s news is welcome and comes after the Biden administration proposed stronger heavy-duty truck standards and recently finalized light-duty passenger vehicle standards. The Biden administration must continue to push for a whole-of-government approach to reduce emissions and work with Congress to pass the climate measures of the budget package for a cleaner, safer, more equitable and more prosperous future. [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Harold P. Wimmer, National President and CEO, American Lung Association: “Today’s decision restoring California’s waiver to set and enforce more protective cleaner cars standards is a victory on many fronts – a victory for public health, for the legal authority of the Clean Air Act, and for states’ rights. Recognizing state authority to set more protective vehicle standards is a key step to protecting public health. Climate change is a health emergency. From degraded air quality due to wildfire smoke to the formation of ground-level ozone pollution from warmer temperatures, to more extreme weather events like storms and flooding, climate change is harming the health of people across the country. EPA and states must use all available tools to address climate change. These tools include cleaning up the transportation sector, the nation’s biggest contributor to carbon pollution. The administration’s action today recognizes and upholds California’s authority under the Clean Air Act to develop and enact pollution controls for motor vehicles that are stronger than federal standards to ensure public health protections are tailored to address the state’s unique pollution challenges. The Clean Air Act also provides other states the option of enacting California’s more protective standards. Under the law, states have driven decades of clean air progress and stronger standards not just at the state level, but nationwide. Today’s action is a victory, but there is much more work to do. The Lung Association urges EPA to work closely with California and other states to develop the strongest possible future cleaner cars standards and cleaner trucks standards to significantly reduce all harmful pollutants. The administration must drive the transition to zero-emission vehicles powered by clean, non-combustion renewable electricity.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Ken Cook, President, EWG: “Reversing former President Trump’s reckless effort to block California and other states from setting strict automobile emissions standards is paramount in the fight to tackle the climate emergency. With the price of gas top of mind for every American as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that has roiled the global energy markets, even more must be done by states and the federal government to increase fuel efficiency standards and incentivize more electric vehicles to save consumers money at the pump.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Luke Tonachel, Director for Clean Vehicles and Fuels, Natural Resources Defense Council: “States have long been leaders in cleaning up tailpipe pollution, and the EPA is absolutely right to recognize this. State leadership is crucial to move our nation toward cleaner vehicles. While the previous administration tried to undermine this authority, the law clearly gives California and other states the ability to adopt standards to curb the pollution affecting the health of their citizens. Reaffirming this legal authority will protect public health and help address the climate crisis.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Matt Casale, Environment Campaigns Director, U.S. PIRG: “Anybody who has spent an hour on a freeway with cars belching toxic tailpipe emissions knows that the way we currently approach transportation puts Americans’ health at risk. We must give states the ability to aggressively address this problem through forward-thinking vehicle emission standards. It can be a difference maker for delivering cleaner air and a safer climate. Simply put, cleaner cars means a better America.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Michelle Robinson, Clean Transportation Program Director, Union of Concerned Scientists: “Today is an important day for the future of transportation policy. EPA did the right thing by reinstating the waiver, without which California was prevented from enforcing higher greenhouse gas emissions standards and effectively promoting zero-emissions vehicles. The previous administration’s agency action relied on a deeply flawed understanding of the law and thwarted the ability of states to take important steps toward limiting carbon emissions. Today’s reinstatement of the waiver is an important milestone in the fight to preserve critical environmental regulations undone by the Trump administration.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Molly Rauch, Public Health Policy Director, Moms Clean Air Force: “Today’s news is important because it enables 17 states and the District of Columbia to fight climate change and provide life-saving air quality protections with stricter tailpipe standards. We need every tool available to protect communities from the largest source of harmful climate pollution in the US: the transportation sector. Our more than 1.4 million members are relieved that states once again have the green light to cut vehicle emissions as quickly as possible through tougher-than-federal pollution standards for cars and trucks that deliver cleaner air and fight climate change. Today, we can celebrate a public health victory. When states have the tools they need to make our cars cleaner, they can do a better job of protecting us. This is especially good news for those living in congested areas with health-harming vehicle pollution. Millions of children have asthma and struggle to breathe when air quality is poor. More than 4 in 10 Americans—over 135 million people—live in places with unhealthy air pollution, according to the American Lung Association. And that pollution is not equitably distributed. People of color are over three times more likely to be breathing the most polluted air than white people. Today’s reinstatement of states’ authority to limit tailpipe pollution protects public health, addresses the climate crisis, and furthers environmental justice.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Morgan Folger, Destination: Zero Carbon Campaign Director, Environment America: “While we expected this decision, it makes it no less sweet. California was a trailblazer with this vital standard. It’s proved so popular that 16 other states had already embraced it. So when the Trump administration stopped those states from taking important action that can improve public health and climate, it ran counter to what Americans desire. We are grateful to EPA Administrator Michael Regan for now giving the people what they want – cleaner air and cleaner cars.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Nathaniel Keohane, President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions: “The Biden administration’s decision to reinstate California’s Clean Air Act waiver, enabling stricter emissions standards for vehicles, is a welcome and necessary push for cutting climate pollution from the highest-emitting U.S. sector and accelerating the net-zero transition. The California waiver has been a valuable and proven tool to spark adoption of cleaner technologies in cars and trucks over the past 50 years. California and the 16 states, plus the District of Columbia, that follow its standards make up 40 percent of U.S. light duty sales. Affirming their ability to establish strong standards will create a powerful market driver for electric and zero-emission vehicles, enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic auto industry and moving us one step closer to our climate goals, while improving air quality and public health in communities across the United States.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Ramón Cruz, President, Sierra Club: “Reinstating California’s Clean Air Act waiver to adopt standards stronger than federal standards for new cars and light-duty trucks is vital to California and has a positive ripple effect on states across the country, driving forward climate progress and delivering cleaner air for millions of Americans. We are grateful to the Biden administration for restoring this strong policy that will slash transportation emissions, the nation’s largest source of climate-disrupting pollution and a significant source of air pollution.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Travis Madsen, Transportation Program Director, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project: “The way is clear for New Mexico to charge full speed ahead on clean vehicles. The state can use the full power of the Clean Air Act to cut pollution, save money, improve public health and protect our climate. Thanks to the Biden Administration for recognizing the importance of state leadership in reducing air pollution, and thank you to New Mexico leaders, including Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Attorney General Hector Balderas, who have fought tirelessly to defend the role of states in achieving the nation’s clean air goals.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Quinta Warren, Associate Director of Sustainability Policy, Consumer Reports: “Consumers across the country want and deserve better access to clean cars. Restoring this waiver gives states the ability to once again reduce polluting emissions, while saving consumers money on cars and trucks that go further on a gallon of gas, or no gas at all. Restoring state authority to adopt stronger GHG emissions standards is aligned with the Biden administration’s commitment of transitioning the country to cleaner cars, as well as expanding the charging infrastructure to support them. It is also critically important that states have this authority to put strong standards in place for times when the federal government fails to act, or rolls back standards as we saw with the previous administration.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Virginia Necochea, Executive Director, New Mexico Environmental Law Center: “This is good news for public health, environmental protection and our current climate crisis. It’s important for New Mexico to join other states in adopting stronger emission standards for new cars and trucks. Lower smog-causing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions will especially benefit low-income communities of color who continue to bear a disproportionate burden from air pollution and global warming. Transportation plays a significant role in community health and in climate justice. Improved air quality and a faster transition to zero emission vehicles are environmental justice issues.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

American Public Health Association: “Thank you, @EPA, for taking this important step. States need to be able to protect the health of their residents, especially from dangers that threaten their lives.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Center for American Progress: “Restoring the #CleanAirAct to its full potential benefits ALL people. Many states can now again adopt limits on pollution from cars + trucks, allowing all of us to breathe cleaner air from #CleanerCars!” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: “Great news for the Bay: @EPA has restored states’ ability to follow California’s 🚗🚛🚙 emissions limits, which are stricter than EPA’s. That means DC, DE, MD, NY, PA, and VA can do more to cut tailpipe pollution that dirties the Bay, hurts their residents, and fuels #ClimateChange. They can also better protect #EnvironmentalJustice communities, which are disproportionately harmed by 📈 childhood asthma rates, heat deaths, flooding, and other effects of climate change and dirty vehicle exhaust. [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Evergreen Action: “This is a great move by @POTUS. Transportation is one of the largest sources of toxic pollution in the US. It is deadly, and the impacts disproportionately land on BIPOC and low income communities.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Georgetown Climate Center: “EPA restoring the Clean Air Act waiver for California’s Advanced Clean Cars program is an important milestone to enable state climate leadership and reduce air pollution. This is great news: 17 states and DC have already adopted the Advanced Clean Cars program, which is helping to reduce air pollution and address climate change by putting less polluting and zero-emission cars on the roads.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Plug In America: “Good news! We won the fight for the #CleanAirAct and states’ authority to reduce air pollution from vehicles. This will protect communities from harmful pollution contaminating our air. Cleaner air, here we come! #CleanerCars #DriveElectric” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project: “Nevada adopted @GovSisolak’s #CleanCarsNevada program at the end of last year. Thankfully, the Biden EPA cleared all remaining roadblocks and restored states’ authority to cut pollution from cars & trucks under the #CleanAirAct!” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

EVHybridNoire: “The #CleanAirAct has been restored to its full potential for the benefit of all Americans. Now, CA can continue to cut pollution from #CleanerCars + trucks, allowing all of us to breathe cleaner air in ALL our communities! #EnvironmentalJustice, #ClimateCrisis” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE]

Angie Dykema, Nevada Representative for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project: “This clears the way for Nevada to charge full speed ahead on clean vehicles. We can now use the full power of the Clean Air Act to cut pollution, get more zero-emission cars and trucks on the road, save money on transportation, improve public health and protect our climate.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Sarah Steinberg, Principal at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE): “AEE applauds the Biden Administration for empowering states to pursue cleaner transportation. Nevada has quickly become a leader in transportation electrification by making impressive investments in charging infrastructure and creating new rules to expand consumer options for clean cars and trucks. Combined with significant federal support, the future in Nevada is electric.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Dr. Mary House, CEO of CHR, Inc. (Caring, Helping, & Restoring Lives): “The Black community and other communities of color are at greater risk of developing asthma, lung cancer, and other diseases because of harmful air pollution caused by tailpipe emissions. As an electric car driver, mother, and grandma, I am grateful to the Biden and Sisolak administrations for taking action to improve air quality so our children can breathe easier.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Christi Cabrera, Policy and Advocacy Director for the Nevada Conservation League.  “We are proud of the Biden administration for listening to climate science and communities that have been calling for strong clean car standards across the country. With Nevada’s leadership to expand charging infrastructure and consumer options for clean cars, today’s rule change will further accelerate Nevada’s transition to zero-emission vehicles and progress towards our state’s climate goals. We will continue to ensure families have access to clean energy, clean air, and a clean environment for years to come.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Bernadette Mae Longo, PhD, RN, CNL, PHNA-BC, FAAN chair of Nevada Nurses Association Environmental Health Committee: “This announcement is confirmation that stronger clean car standards will reduce climate pollution and avoid the costly health impacts of transportation pollution. The American Lung Association ‘Road to Clean Air’ report found that a nationwide transition to electric vehicles, trucks, and buses could yield $72 billion in health benefits annually.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Simon Mui, Director of Clean Vehicles & Fuels for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Today’s announcement by the EPA raffirms Nevada’s legal authority to adopt clean car standards that curb pollution affecting the health of Nevadans. Nevada’s leadership is crucial to moving our nation toward zero-emission vehicles.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Greenlining: “Can we breathe easier now that #CA’s Clean Air Act authority has been restored? That depends on @AirResources’ next move. We need stronger #EV sales targets between 2025 & 2030 or we risk leaving more than a million polluting cars on the road. #CleanerCars” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE]

Members of Congress

Delaware Senator Tom Carper, Chairman, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works: “When you clear a traffic jam, the first thing you do is take your foot off the brake. That’s exactly what the Biden Administration is doing by reinstating California’s long-standing authority under the Clean Air Act to set tailpipe standards and allow other states, like Delaware, to adopt them. Reinstating California’s emissions waiver provides automakers with greater certainty as our nation accelerates towards a zero-emission future on our roads. In addition to helping us meet our climate goals, this action will reduce pollution in communities across the country, save Americans money at the gas pump, and strengthen our nation’s energy independence. It’s a welcome announcement that could not come at a better time.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

New Jersey Representative Frank Pallone, Jr., Chairman, House Energy and Commerce Committee: “With today’s announcement, the Biden EPA is reversing one of the Trump Administration’s most absurd and indefensible actions. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have voluntarily adopted more protective clean car standards and now, after years of uncertainty and frustration, those standards will be upheld and respected. Today’s action is a win for everyone since the waiver helps states improve air quality for communities across the country, spurs American innovation of clean vehicle technology, and ensures that consumers have access to the most advanced and efficient vehicles possible. I applaud the Biden Administration for reaffirming the rights of states to protect their citizens from dangerous air pollution and fight climate change.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, Chairman, Senate Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate, and Nuclear Safety: “By restoring California’s longstanding authority to set its own strong vehicle emissions standard, the Biden administration is putting states around the country back in the driver’s seat on the road to their climate, public health, and energy security goals. As Putin’s war in Ukraine drives up gas prices for American drivers, policies that support affordable, efficient, and healthy vehicles will be more important than ever. This decision rights the historic wrongs of the Trump administration, but we’re just gearing up. We must continue to implement the most stringent vehicle emission standards possible for everything on the road – from passenger cars to pickups to semi-trucks. The life of our planet depends on it.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Senators Dianne Feinstein & Alex Padilla: “We applaud the Biden administration’s restoration of California’s authority to set its own, stronger vehicle emissions standards. California has long been a leader in clean air and climate policy, working with auto manufacturers to set and achieve ambitious environmental goals that protect public health, safeguard clean air and save money for consumers. Today’s action by the EPA recognizes California’s environmental leadership and confirms California’s clear authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own emissions standards in order to protect public health and the environment. California was the first state to set 2035 as the target by which all vehicles sold must be zero-emission. The restoration of California’s waiver will help make that goal a reality by enabling California to set even more ambitious pollution standards in the future.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet: “This announcement from @EPA reinstates Colorado and other states’ authority under the #CleanAirAct to strengthen protections from harmful vehicle pollution. This is a much-needed step to save families money at the gas pump, cut climate pollution, and clean up our air.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley: “Excellent news. Reducing tailpipe pollution protects public health and the environment, and letting states like Oregon and California lead the way by adopting bold emissions reduction standards is the right move. #CleanerCars” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Ami Bera: “I applaud the Biden Admin for restoring California’s authority to set its own emission standards – which was recklessly rolled back under Trump. California will continue to lead the nation in bold environmental policies that keep our families safe and healthy.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Doris Matsui: “Today’s announcement is a monumental win for our state, which has been a longstanding climate leader and a crucial partner to combat harmful transportation pollution. California’s leadership has raised the bar for federal tailpipe emission standards and its Advanced Clean Cars program has served as a model for sixteen other states and the District of Columbia to set their own, stronger vehicle emissions rules. The transportation sector continues to be our nation’s leading source of carbon pollution, necessitating strong climate policies that spur on the innovation and development of cleaner vehicle technologies. Reinstating states authority to set their own vehicle emission standards will ensure that over 120 million people nationwide can realize the benefits of reduced transportation pollution. California will continue to lead the charge to provide cleaner air to communities across the country. I thank the Biden Administration for restoring this key tool to empower states to address harmful emissions and combat the climate crisis.” [StatementEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Jared Huffman: “CA has been a leader on emissions and climate policy, but the Trump admin attempted to hold us back. Grateful for the support from the Biden admin to correctly allow us to once more set ambitious standards for lowering transportation emissions.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Judy Chu: “This is great news! For half a century, California has been a leader in innovation that produces cleaner air. But that ended when Trump took away our authority to make our rules. Now we can once again get back to work raising the standards for environmental protection in America.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Nanette D. Barragán: “Thank you @EPAMichaelRegan! California has and will continue to lead the way to protect our climate, our environment, and the health of families. This is another promise kept by @POTUS. Now, let’s accelerate to a zero emissions future off fossil fuels!” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Ro Khanna: “Thanks to @EPA and @POTUS for restoring California’s waiver under the Clean Air Act. This will allow our state to continue leading the way on clean transportation.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

California Representative Ted Lieu: “California leads by example in the fight against #ClimateChange. Thank you to @EPAMichaelRegan @EPA for reinstating the California Waiver, allowing California to set its own motor vehicle pollution standards.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works: “The California Waiver is back!@EPA is restoring California’s ability to set stronger clean car standards that other states can adopt.” [TweetEXIT EPA WEBSITE, 03/09/22]

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