Connected Car News: Fisker Inc. Wejo, Toshiba, Keysight Tech & Renesas

In connected car news are Fisker Inc. Wejo, Toshiba, Keysight Tech and Renesas

Fisker Magic Works in UK

Fisker Inc. (NYSE: FSR) (“Fisker”) – passionate creator of the world’s most sustainable electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions – today announced the establishment of The Fisker Magic Works, its UK-based specialty vehicle engineering and development division. This newly created operation will focus on low-volume, rapid-development vehicle programs and specialized versions of the Fisker portfolio. The Fisker Magic Works will instill futuristic design, technology and innovation into high-profile products supporting the mainstream business.

Fisker also confirmed it is hiring respected industry veteran David King as senior vice president of engineering to lead this new UK-based operation. Most recently, David served as vice president and chief special operations officer at Aston Martin Lagonda.

Wejo Intro Wejo Studio

At MOVE America, Wejo Limited (“Wejo”), a global leader in connected vehicle data (CVD), unveiled Wejo Studio, a web-based SaaS platform that analyzes data from millions of connected vehicles and translates billions of data points in near real-time into game-changing traffic and journey insights for all business users to leverage. Organizations—from public sector transportation departments to real estate companies to fleet and logistics companies and beyond—can unlock a deeper understanding of mobility trends, enabling them to make smarter decisions faster, innovate and solve problems more effectively.

Organizations understand the value of CVD in transforming the way we live, work, and travel: CVD improves street safety, makes cities more livable and sustainable, creates new revenue streams for retailers and provides better personal transportation experiences for drivers. However, the complexity and volume of CVD can make it overwhelming and costly for some organizations to manipulate, manage and gain specific insights — hindering them from getting value from CVD.

Now, with Wejo Studio, organizations can gain insights and unlock the powerful value from CVD easily and without the cost of managing big data or required technical capabilities. Wejo is continually expanding the ways it allows access to insights queries that run over such a large and complex data asset. Wejo Studio’s model aligns with those plans, providing insights to customers rather than the source data itself. It offers standardized traffic and journey visualizations across several themes tailored toward a broad range of different industries and use cases, including the following Insights Products:

  • Intersection Performance: Help traffic planners quickly understand how drivers move through intersections; visualize turning movement counts, turning movement ratios and peak-hours, filtering by time and day.
  • Origin/Destination: Determine travel patterns of drivers by visualizing journeys from start to finish across cities, counties and states; filter by zip code and vehicle type to understand journey trends by time and location.
  • Points of Interest: Using specific points of interest, whether stores, offices, stations or charge points to help retailers, property managers and service providers understand where drivers’ travel from, how long they stay at the POI and where they go when they leave.
  • Waypoints: Select roads, public infrastructure, billboards or other waypoints that vehicles may pass by to make better decisions on road management, traffic planning or marketing communications by identifying the type of vehicles and the approximate start and end of their journeys.
  • Historical Traffic Patterns: Identify congestion bottlenecks, see how vehicle density varies through time, understand average driving speed and travel times and get a good understanding of mobility pain points across the road network.

Intersection Performance and Origin-Destination are the first two Wejo Studio Insights Products available to customers. Additional Wejo Studio Insights Products will be enriched over the coming months.

Toshiba Test Samples

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has begun shipping test samples of “TB9083FTG,” a pre-driver IC for automotive applications that include brushless motors for electric power steering systems and electric brakes. Toshiba will ship final samples in January 2022, and will start mass production in December 2022.

TB9083FTG is a three-phase pre-driver that controls and drives external N-channel power MOSFETs for driving a three-phase brushless DC motor. It supports ASIL-D[1] functional safety[2] and its compliance with ISO 26262 2nd edition allows use in for highly safety-critical automotive systems.

The new IC has a built-in three-channel pre-driver for the safety relays that control and drive the relays for motors and power supply. This eliminates the need for external components and helps reduce the part count.

TB9083FTG is housed in a small P-VQFN48-0707-0.50-005 package (7.0mm x 7.0mm (typ.)) with a wettable flank[3] structure. As the need for redundant design imposes restrictions on electronic control unit board area, adoption of this small packages helps to reduce the total mounting area.///

Keysights for NIO

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that NIO, a Chinese manufacturer of battery electric vehicles (EVs), has selected Keysight solutions to verify 5G and cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) connectivity.

NIO, one of China’s top EV automakers, selected Keysight’s 5G and C-V2X network emulation solutions to advance development of premium EVs primarily targeting the Chinese market. Keysight enables NIO to verify 5G and C-V2X designs according to the latest 5G new radio (NR) and C-V2X specifications as defined by 3GPP and other standards organizations. Keysight’s solutions enable NIO to emulate and verify complex hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) drive test scenarios in a lab environment under controlled and repeatable test conditions.

“Automakers, such as NIO, are at the forefront of driving next generation technologies in connectivity, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence,” said Thomas Goetzl, vice president and general manager for Keysight’s Automotive & Energy Solutions business unit. “We’re pleased to support NIO, an innovator in automotive smart connectivity and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), with test solutions that enable the automaker to address the market demand in China and abroad.”

Successful market introductions of highly complex passenger transport EVs rely on comprehensive validation of connectivity, implemented to improve road safety, efficiency in transportation of people, as well as drivers’ and passengers’ in-car experiences. Keysight’s connected car solutions support a wide range of technologies including 5G, C-V2X and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), to improve reliability, cybersecurity and safety.

“Keysight enables NIO to confidently verify the performance equipment designed for deployment on board our electric vehicles,” said Wang Wei, senior manager at NIO. “Thanks to Keysight’s integrated portfolio of test solutions across multiple cellular technologies, NIO can quickly and cost-efficiently deliver EVs that maximize safety for passengers and road users alike.”

Keysight offers a wide range of automotive solutions for verifying wireless connections, interoperability, electromagnetic compatibility, cybersecurity and functional safety. Leading vendors of chipsets, sub-assemblies and vehicles, as well as test houses within a global automotive community, depend on Keysight’s design, validation and optimization solutions to advance smart transportation technology and products.

Renesas Intros ICs

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, introduced the RAA2S425x Family of ICs for automotive pressure sensing systems. The new devices provide highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction of signals in automotive xEV/EV/FCEV pressure sensing braking, transmission and HVAC systems. The RAA2S425x Product Family features high integration and advanced digital and analog functionality that significantly ease the design cycle and reduce customers’ system BOM and production costs.

The RAA2S425x ICs support all major pressure sensing technologies and feature a high-performance analog front-end (AFE) for enhanced signal conditioning. The new devices offer extended analog sensor offset compensation (XSOC), adjustable to nearly all resistive bridges. They deliver pressure and temperature readings with high accuracy (0.35% – 1.0%) over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 150°C).

The RAA2S425x ICs integrate a 16-bit embedded RISC microcontroller that provides digital compensation of offset, sensitivity, temperature drift, and nonlinearity. It has highly reliable non-volatile memory (NVM) to store calibration coefficients and configuration data in harsh automotive environments. The RAA2S425x communicates digitally with calibration equipment, reducing noise sensitivity. Digital calibration enables customers to keep assembly costs low since it doesn’t require trimming of sensing elements. RAA2S425x is an optimal solution for safety and harsh automotive applications with integration of overvoltage and reverse-polarity protection circuitry, ASIL-B compliance according to ISO26262, excellent electromagnetic compatibility, and multiple superior diagnostic features.

“The RAA2S425x product family showcases the unique capabilities that Renesas brings to automotive customers with our strong analog and digital technology portfolio,” said Christian Wolf, Vice President, Automotive Analog Sensor Business Division at Renesas. “The new pressure sensing solution enables our customers to reduce design time with highly accurate, reliable systems meeting tough automotive safety requirements.”

Key Features of the RAA2S425x Pressure Sensing Solution

  • High-performance analog front end (AFE) for enhanced signal conditioning
  • High accuracy pressure readings of 0.35% – 1.0%. Effective ADC resolution of 13 to 18 bits
  • Wide temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. AEC-Q100 Grade 0 (-40°C to 150°C) qualified
  • Automotive ASIL-B compliance according to ISO26262.
  • Extended analog sensor offset compensation (XSOC) enables support for multiple resistive bridges with selectable on-chip PTAT (proportional to the absolute temperature) support to deliver external temperature sensing
  • Digital compensation of offset, sensitivity, temperature drift, and non-linearity for increased accuracy
  • Digital calibration reduces assembly costs by eliminating the need to trim sensing elements
  • Calibration and configuration data stored in highly reliable non-volatile memory
  • Ratio-metric analog output signal and output update rate of 100μs in fastest mode
  • Diagnostics and fault checks for fault-safe operation
  • Static and temporary diagnostic modes available

Renesas has combined the RAA2S425x with complementary MCU, analog and power offerings to create Winning Combinations for automotive xEV/EV/FCEV pressure sensing braking, transmission and HVAC systems. Renesas offers more than 250 Winning Combinations with compatible devices for a wide range of applications and end products at Winning Combinations for automotive applications are available at


The RAA2S425x devices are available today in 4mm x 4mm QFN-24 packages with wettable flanks. For more information, please visit: