Autonomous and Self-Driving Vehicle News: Funding, Updates and Software

Besides the Halo T-Mobile announcement, there’s news of financing autonomous vehicle companies, updates from Tesla and Indy Autonomous Challenge.

Some AI experts are wondering how self-driving vehicles will deal with the need to stop at restroom for a bathroom break.

Telsa’s Full Self-Driving Beta V9 will begin shipping on July 10 but Musk Tweets “it is still just the Beta.”

Funding For Autonomous Companies

Argo AI has hired n Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co for its next round of funding headed for IPO, later this year. Aurora reportedly is in talks with Reinvent Technology Partners Y, to merge with a SPAC. Waymo is also on its way for an IPO.

Gaia for Indy Autonomous Challange

Gaia Platform is working closely with AI Racing Tech and the University of Hawaiʻi to support the development of the team’s race decision engine on their Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) Dallara AV-21 racecar. The Gaia framework provides a low-code programming environment for applications at the edge.

The inaugural running of the Indy Autonomous Challenge is currently scheduled for Oct. 23, 2021. This is the world’s first high-speed autonomous race, including 40 universities from around the world participating. The IAC includes a $1 million purse to the winning team, $250,000 for 2nd Place, and additional prizes for winners of the hackathons and simulation races.

Gaia Platform is providing a critical software component and support for the development of the Race Decision Engine, which serves as the strategic and tactical brain of the racecar. All IAC teams are provided the same base autonomous racecar, the Dallara AV-21, the deciding factor being the team developing the best race strategy and decisions. For AI Racing Tech these decisions will be made efficiently and robustly by the Gaia software.

“With the inclusion of the Gaia software, we are able to specify our race strategy, and quickly modify and fine-tune our tactics. We’re able to do this in real-time by leveraging their industrial-based low-code development platform for autonomous machines,” stated Gary Passon, Team Principal, AI Racing Tech.

“Working with Gary at AI Racing Tech and his team has allowed us to start pushing the limits of our platform’s performance. It has given us the opportunity to learn about writing a policy-based system backed by an active database in a mission-critical environment,” Dax Hawkins, Gaia Lead Software Engineer.

Besides providing the software platform, Gaia is also participating as one of the key sponsors for the AI Racing Tech team. GAIA Platform is based in Bellevue, WA and provides a programming environment for industrial teams who will deliver the next generation of apps at the edge. Automation, autonomy, and Industrial IoT solutions are complex, but Gaia makes them easier to build with its low-code approach. For more information, see

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