So You Think Robots Can’t Dance?

They say some people can’t dance–what about robots and dogbots?  Don’t expect any shimmies or twerking but there are some ni—-ice, jumps, running man, snake necking, side taps a high kicks  and smooth disco high five arming. The Twist loses something in the translation the hips move put not the toes.

However on the stiff straight even angle moves- Boston Dynamics’ robots do some robotic dancing without getting a lot of jiggy-on in “Do You Love Me?” by the Contours.

They dance a little like some engineers seen at COMDEX, back in the day but they don’t have pony tails. They definitely can’t do a the low Twist with back flip something our editor came in second place in dance contest. As far as The Mashed Potato that requires feet clicking like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and elbow chicken-dance-clucking–it was more like Mr. Potato Head. However they do some jumps that very few humans or dogs could ever do.

We are wondering if the robots’ programmers  programmed the robots to dance like nerds do. The truth is “Do You Love Me?” is almost impossible for anyone to listen to without dancing to it.  There are two bi-pedal bots (Atlas 1 & 2?), Spot the dogbot and Handle who can handle most of the forward and reverse moves.

The Boston-bots are very popular with over eight million views and #2 on trending YouTube. Hyundai recently bought an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics….The marketing department does have perfect timing for releasing the video during a time when there is almost no news at all….

We don’t expect a Viennese Waltz or Polka anytime soon. It would be riot if the Bostobots showed up Dancing with the Stars…..