ATWEC Clears & Sterilizes the Air for Buses, Transportation and Vans

Child safety and security company ATWEC Technologies is giving transportation companies and passengers yet another layer of protection. The company has introduced the KV-X Sterilization System, a new automated, two-stage sterilization system for school buses, daycare vans, and other commercial vehicles that kills germs, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on vehicle surfaces quickly, safely, and effectively.

Built for 15-passenger vehicles or larger, the KV-X features a 30-minute, two-stage sanitization module that adheres to all FDA guidelines. When the KV-X system is initiated, a built-in induction fan draws air through an easily replaceable HEPA filter and into a self-contained ultraviolet light (UVC) to disinfect the air within the vehicle. During the next stage, ozone is generated to clean seats, door handles, and other high-touch internal surfaces. UVC and ozone have been scientifically tested and used for years to kill airborne and surface germs and viruses.

The KV-X comes with a built-in timer, enabling users to schedule the system to self-start at a pre-designated time, typically overnight, to ensure vehicles are properly sanitized for next-day use. An always-on motion sensor (the same technology that powers ATWEC’s KV-4 Child Reminder System) confirms a vehicle is empty before the KV-X sterilization cycle can begin. If the KV-X detects motion during the cycle, it will immediately shut down the system to prevent direct passenger exposure to the ozone and UVC.

“When it comes to transportation, our mission is to ensure the safest ride for each child, passenger, and driver. In today’s environment, expanding our product line into vehicle sanitization was obvious,” said Darnell Stitts, President and CEO at ATWEC Technologies. “The KV-X Sterilization System is a safe, fast, and efficient way for school systems, daycare organizations, commercial transportation services, and even public transportation agencies to give passengers and their families peace of mind and a cleaner, healthier riding experience.”

The KV-X can be installed in any 15-passenger vehicle or larger. It is more efficient than traditional manual aerosol mist applications, and it does not rely on a vehicle’s air condition system to operate. This process allows the vehicle to be sanitized and back into operation

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