CYBEX SensorSafe Child Seat Alerts and Reminds

With summer around the corner comes a rise in family road trips. This summer, CYBEX, a leading baby gear brand focused on safety, style and innovation is continuing to support families during their road trip adventures through its SensorSafe Technology. This innovative technology is designed to bring new and existing parents peace of mind and enhanced safety for their children as they spend lots of extra time in the car.

The SensorSafe clip is attached to the CYBEX car seat harness system, and it connects to the mobile phone app via the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD II) port. Users will receive essential alerts that help prevent critical situations on and off the road, such as:

  • Child Unattended Alert – Anytime the car ignition is turned off and the child is still buckled in their car seat, the parent will be alerted on their connected smartphone. If the parent continues to walk out of Bluetooth range without unbuckling their child, an alert will be sent to the user’s emergency contacts with a GPS location of the vehicle. Additional family members can also download the SensorSafe application on their smartphones and will be notified in case of a Child Unattended emergency. The notification will alert users to the last known GPS location of the buckled chest clip at that time.
  • Temperature Alert – For parents who may be concerned about their child being too hot or cold while driving in the car, SensorSafe will alert when the ambient temperature inside the vehicle is too hot (95°F/35°C) or too cold (44.6°F/7°C).
  • Take a Break Alert – Road trips can be long for everyone, and young children especially need to take breaks from sitting after two hours. If the child has been sitting for more than two hours, the parents will receive a notification urging them to stop for a stretch break and change positions.
  • Safety Harness Alert – Parents are instantly alerted if the child has unbuckled the chest clip while the vehicle is in motion, allowing for them to pull over and ensure the child is buckled up again before continuing their trip.

“I am proud to work with a company that is constantly producing products that cater to parents’ needs and help keep their children safe,” said Sarah Haverstick, CYBEX Safety Advocate.  “SensorSafe is one of the top car seat safety tools on the market to give parents a helping hand by alerting them before their child is in harm’s way.”

SensorSafe Technology is available on the following CYBEX car seats:

USA: Cloud Q, Aton M, and Aton 2 infant car seats; Sirona S and Sirona M convertible car seats; Eternis S all-in-one car seat.

Canada: Aton 2 infant car seat and Eternis S all-in-one car seat.

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