Connected Car News 4/26

In connected car news are GM, Audi, ASAM, DSA, Faurecia, Delphi Tech, Savari, Hyundai Mobis and WiTricity.

GM Nixes Maven

GM has suspended and is closing down its car sharing service Maven citing the Coronavirus and safety concerns.

Audi Support CliMA Research

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Audi is proud to announce the brand’s support for innovative initiatives that address the impacts of climate change. Audi of America (AoA) and the Audi Environmental Foundation are awarding a $100,000 grant to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the lead institution in the Climate Modeling Alliance (CliMA). The grant will fund researchers in their pursuit of a novel new climate model, a critical tool for understanding future global and regional climate patterns.

The new CliMA climate model leverages recent advances in artificial intelligence, advanced computing, and machine learning to generate more precise and actionable projections of future changes in Earth’s climate, such as cloud cover, rainfall, and sea ice extent. Compared to existing models, the goal is to reduce uncertainties by at least twofold. The new model integrates greater amounts of observational data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a CliMA research partner, and simulates critical small-scale features missed in models that focus on larger scales. This model will be capable of “zooming in” to examine detailed regional information as well.

AoA’s collaboration with the Audi Environmental Foundation, headquartered in Germany, is the first of a series of philanthropic initiatives the two organizations will offer to help address the global challenge of climate change and other critical environmental issues. Audi is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, first by 30% by 2025, along our path to carbon neutrality by 2050. Since 2009, the Audi Environmental Foundation has been supporting programs that fuse innovation with resource conservation, sustainability, and environmental protection, dubbed “Greenovation”.

ASAM Develops ODS

The member companies of the organization ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) are involved in the development of technological standards for the automotive market. The so-called ODS (Open Data Services) standard focuses on the persistent storage and retrieval of testing data. Being a partner of the ASAM consortium, AVL has contributed significantly to the specification of the standard. The same is true for the latest version of ODS, which deals primarily with the integration of Big Data platforms. AVL’s ODS server, Santorin MX, is the first ODS server to support the ODS Big Data standard. The interface developed by NorCom, which is based on it, will open the door to a new dimension of measurement data analytics. All of the listed features are available in AVL and NorCom’s product portfolio:

  • Scalable conversion of all automotive data formats in the new Avro Packed and Parquet Packed/Point schema, allowing the examination of all data, including Big Data
  • Analysis libraries to simplify the use of advanced analytics algorithms and methods in conjunction with automotive-specific analysis packages
  • Integration of comprehensive full-context search services to uncover realtime data insights into all data: from process information, measurement meta-data, mass measurement data and results of scalable analysis queries
  • Integration and export functions to allow available processing tools to access and process analysis results, and to enable the use of real-time searches of all the relevant data sources.

DSA Joins eSync Alliance

The eSync Alliance announces that DSA, a global supplier of life-cycle management solutions for automotive electronics, has joined the Alliance. The eSync Alliance is spearheading the development of end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) updating and data services, enabling bi-directional communications with all electronic devices in the vehicle.

Faurecia Partners with ChangChu

Faurecia, a leading technology company in the automotive industry, announced the creation of a new joint venture with Changchun Xuyang Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (Xuyang Group), thus marking a new stage in the strategic cooperation between Faurecia and Xuyang Group.

Faurecia and Xuyang Group will produce, assemble and market screens for the automotive industry, and will also offer after-sales services for manufacturers. The joint venture will be consolidated by Faurecia.

In recent years, Faurecia has accelerated its strategic transformation, notably with the creation of its fourth activity, Faurecia Clarion Electronics, which aims to become a world leader in on-board electronics. This new partnership will strengthen its position in the Chinese automotive market.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors For Coolant Leak Detection

Amphenol Advanced Sensors, a company comprised of industry-leading sensor brands, including Thermometrics, Inc., Telaire, and NovaSensor, and known for innovative technologies and embedded measurement solutions, now offers its Coolant Leak Detection Sensor for use in Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV) to detect the presence of water and coolant in the vehicle’s battery pack enclosure. Capable of detecting even small amounts of water/coolant, the Battery Management System (BMS) then alerts the operator to take proper countermeasures to reduce the risk of pack failure and possible electrocution hazards.

By applying its extensive knowledge and capabilities in automotive sensing applications, Amphenol Advanced Sensors employed its Thermometrics, Inc. brand to design the Coolant Leak Detection Sensor as a cost-effective solution to address the safety and reliability concerns associated with the presence of water/coolant in battery packs. The sensor operates on standard 5V power and can detect as little as 2.8mm of standing water in the bottom of the battery pack enclosure. For diagnostics, the sensor includes a 510kΩ resistor in parallel with two plated contacts for open/short circuit detection. Its small footprint allows for various mounting positions, along with custom length wire leads and connector options. The Coolant Leak Detection Sensor is validated against aggressive automotive standards and includes 2D barcode for full traceability requirements.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors, with its portfolio of industry-leading brands – Thermometrics, NovaSensor, Telaire, Protimeter and Kaye – is an innovator in advanced sensing technologies and embedded measurement solutions customized for regulatory and industry-driven applications across the automotive, medical and industrial markets. Amphenol Advanced Sensors creates value by providing critical information for real-time decisions.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors is part of Amphenol Corporation, based in Wallingford, CT.

he eSync Alliance announces that DSA, a global supplier of life-cycle management solutions for automotive electronics, has joined the Alliance. The eSync Alliance is spearheading the development of end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) updating and data services, enabling bi-directional communications with all electro

Delphi Tech Booklet

Delphi Technologies PLC released its highly anticipated worldwide vehicle and motorcycle emissions standards quick-reference guide for 2020/2021. This handy pocket-sized booklet provides a comprehensive global guide to emissions standards for passenger cars, motorcycles and light-duty vehicles.

For nearly three decades, Delphi Technologies has consistently tracked and compiled emissions regulations from around the world, packaging them into an easy-to-read, quick-reference format. This compilation is an invaluable tool for vehicle and engine manufacturers as emissions standards grow in complexity and continue to evolve worldwide.

The 2020-2021 booklet includes a newly refined section dedicated to existing and future regulations programs around the globe for electrified vehicles. Specifically, China’s New Energy Vehicle (NEV) section has been updated to align with changes made in 2019.

The booklet also includes in-depth information on Brazil’s evolving emissions standards. Specifically, there is a dedicated section for PROCONVE L-7 and L-8 emissions standards, which will go into effect January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2025, respectively.

Delphi Technologies publishes its global emissions guide for passenger car and light-duty vehicles on an annual basis. It also creates a heavy-duty and off-highway vehicle version, which is updated every two years.

The 2020-2021 edition of the passenger vehicle and light-duty vehicle emissions booklet in both English and Chinese can be downloaded at

ampUP Amps UP

ampUp today announced the Company has raised an undisclosed amount to accelerate development of electric vehicle and charging technologies. Investors include leading automakers SAIC Motor and Hyundai Motor Company, while Forest Ventures and others participated in the round.

Hyundai Mobis Opens Tech Center in India

As part of its global R&D networking in Korea, North America, Europe, China and India, Hyundai Mobis (KRX:012330) will expand its technical center in India, which develops and validates automotive software. Through this, the company aims to strengthen its R&D activities in India, particularly software development for autonomous vehicles.

Hyundai Mobis announced that it will set up and operate the second technical center in a new IT complex adjacent to its first technical center in Hyderabad, India. The purpose of this move is to strengthen automobile software development, which has recently been growing exponentially, and secure supply stability.

With its over 700 local talents specializing in ICT and software, Hyundai Mobis’ Indian technical center develops and validates various software programs for vehicles and also collaborates with the technical center in Korea. The major items that the Indian center works on are mostly automotive electronic parts, such as IVI applications, airbag control units (ACUs), electronic braking systems (MEB5) and the AUTOSAR platform.

The first technical center will validate and develop software for mass-production products, including IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment), chassis control systems (MDPS, ABS, electronic suspension, etc.) and airbag control units (ACUs), and develop custom products for local customers.

WiTricity Partners with DAIHEN

WiTricity, technology for wireless power transfer over distance, was central to a next-generation electric mobility demonstration in Osaka, Japan, led by DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission.

Partners since 2016, DAIHEN licensed WiTricity’s technology to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) in factory and industrial settings. DAIHEN has been using WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless charging system as a reference design for its own line of standards-compliant wireless chargers for battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Cable-free Electric Mobility Demonstrated in Osaka, Japan

DAIHEN recently launched a demonstration with Kansai Electric Power Co. at Expo Park in Osaka, Japan, to showcase next-generation mobility services using a small electric vehicle, similar in size and functionality to a golf cart, and a solar-powered wireless charging system, provided by DAIHEN. The February demonstration took place in Expo Park, a park and recreational facility with gardens and museums, nearly the size of Manhattan’s Central Park.

The demonstration integrated electric mobility, DAIHEN’s wireless charging system, on-demand vehicle reservation systems, location information and data utilization (e.g., human flow analysis) to create a next-generation mobility service. As part of the demonstration, Expo Park visitors were able to use their smartphones to call up electric carts, which were charged by a solar-powered wireless charging system. This system made car-sharing operations more convenient for both park managers and visitors.

The new second technical center will focus on the development of control logic for autonomous driving and parking and recognition algorithms for autonomous driving sensors (camera, radar, lidar). The strategy is to improve the accuracy of autonomous driving sensor data by developing a deep learning-based image recognition algorithm and signal processing algorithm, while developing various control logic to support mass production.

Accedian & Savari

Accedian, the leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions, and Savari, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based tech company and a pioneer of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications technology for smart infrastructure, today announced a strategic partnership to jointly manage the service level agreements of operators for V2X.

The partnership will focus on delivering quality of service to V2X edge applications, paving the way for a seamless approach to assuring quality for these applications deployed both in the cloud and at the edge that ingest large amounts of data from vulnerable road users, vehicles and road infrastructure. This provides an assured, attested and forensically auditable solution for automotive OEMs, their fleet management and Mobility-as-a-Service providers (MaaS), and their global telecom partners as they introduce V2X solutions for autonomous transportation.

Accedian guarantees performance at scale for federated and highly-distributed partners, regulators, and supply chain stakeholders who want to monetize autonomous driving communications transactions for governance, risk and compliance, or for detecting security threats in cross orchestrated cloud architectures. “Application delivery is increasing in complexity with distributed cloud processing (e.g. core, edge, access) across the networks that connect these cloud environments and the rapidly emerging world of IoT,” said Richard Piasentin, Chief Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, Accedian.

Accedian and Savari are installed today in MobiledgeX cloudlets in Munich, Germany, in St. Louis, United States, and in Montreal, Canada, for cross-carrier, federated and aggregated mission-critical safety applications requiring integration between multiple operator networks. This integration provides safety, quality and security across autonomous fleets and vehicles.

“Savari’s expertise in C-V2X in-vehicle software and infrastructure platforms put us in a great position to track the performance of V2X applications. With this partnership, we believe that most latency sensitive use cases can now be monitored and attested to the service level agreements of mobile operators,” said Ravi Puvvala, CEO, Savari, Inc. “Adding Accedian as a partner, combined with MobiledgeX’s collaboration with GSMA, brings us one step closer to our core 5GAA mission of making roads safer and smarter in a cost-effective manner.”

When deployed on the edge-cloud, the combination of Savari and Accedian empowers the automotive industry, with their reinsurance and insurance partners, to guarantee application assurance across global 5G networks with the cross-carrier orchestration and forensic auditability that the autonomous transportation industry must achieve. As critical infrastructure becomes a reality, this partnership focuses on reducing the number of automotive collisions, as well as supporting global environmental, social and corporate governance initiatives.

Solace and Savari

Solace, the leading enabler of real-time event-driven data streaming for enterprise computing, IoT and mobile applications, and Savari, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based auto tech company and a pioneer of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications technology for smart infrastructure, today announced a strategic partnership to jointly enable seamless transition across cloud and edge computing.

Solace and Savari are partnering to take advantage of ultra-low latency communication across large geographic areas. Their solutions are now jointly deployed in Munich (Germany), St. Louis, MO (USA) and Montreal (Canada) on MobiledgeX Cloudlets for cross-carrier, federated and aggregated mission-critical safety applications requiring integration between multiple operator Radio Access Networks.

By utilizing Solace PubSub+, Savari’s edge applications can ingest large amounts of data from vulnerable road users, vehicles, and road infrastructure, thereby enabling a truly connected and seamless V2X experience in the cloud and on the mobile edge.

Collaborative and intelligent transport networks hinge on the efficient, reliable and real-time distribution of data between cars, other road users, infrastructure and applications. Solace is uniquely qualified to meet that need with its complete event streaming and management platform, Solace PubSub+ Platform. Some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers use PubSub+ to stream events across their enterprise, including Groupe Renault and Groupe PSA.

“PubSub+ has proven ability to meet the demand of high-volume connecte

Immerson & ALPS Touch Base with Each Other

-Immersion Corp. , the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced a new license agreement with ALPS ALPINE Co., Ltd. for the use of Immersion’s Active Sensing™ technology in Alps Alpine’s touch feedback devices. The new Active Sensing technology-enabled product solutions deliver high-quality, high-fidelity and quick-to-respond tactile effects for improved user experiences in automotive human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

Touch feedback technology makes it safer for drivers to operate a vehicle’s HMI and reduces driver distraction. As the first licensee of Active Sensing technology, Alps Alpine can provide advanced realistic touch feedback solutions to automotive HMI applications for buttons, dials, switches and textures in suspended touch displays and surfaces. With higher fidelity haptics, automakers can introduce advanced features and continue to evolve the user experience in the car.

Active Sensing technology is an advancement beyond standard haptic software technologies. It provides real-time control over actuator vibrations enabling clean, crisp and instant responses to a user’s interaction. It uses a robust algorithm to react to the actuator’s current state, making command decisions every sub-millisecond to produce high-fidelity haptic effects.


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