Coronavirus COVID-19 Automotive News 2Day

There is more coronavirus automotive news today from GoodYear, Evo, CarMax and ReconVelocity.

Free Fleet Inspections from Goodyear

In response to the economic impact from COVID-19 and to help keep fleets on the road to deliver needed products like medical supplies and groceries, Goodyear CTSC Truck Care Centers are offering free Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections, a value up to $120. These government-mandated inspections include a full review of the tractor and trailer, including brake systems, tires and wheels, exhaust systems, lighting and more.

Additionally, in states that have issued “stay-at-home” or similar non-essential business closure orders in response to the pandemic, Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers (CTSC) locations nationwide are expected to remain open to meet critical tire and service needs.

“Goodyear is dedicated to meeting tire and service needs for the many hardworking professional drivers, first responders and other essential workers who are making countless sacrifices to protect public health and safety and deliver needed goods during these difficult times,” said Frank Payne, director, Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers. “With the health and wellbeing of our customers and associates top of mind, we are taking a number of precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19 at all of our centers so we can remain open and keep vehicles on the road.”

To reduce the spread of illness, all centers are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and taking a number of preventative measures, including enhanced disinfection, visitor protocols and physical distancing.

Goodyear’s company-owned CTSC network operates nearly 200 locations across the U.S., offering tires, maintenance and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for fleets.

Evo Asks Customers to Use for Essential Only

Evo car sharing service is asking customers to use Evo for essential trips and to allow frontline workers get to work, or for picking up urgent groceries or meds.

“That’s right, we’re asking everyone to stop using Evo for non-essential trips. It’s simply the right thing to do for our community’s safety – and that’s what’s important right now,” wrote CEO Eric Hopkins in a company notice.

“We’ve more than doubled our Evo cleaning and disinfecting and I want to give a big thanks to our awesome team for all their hard work. For your peace of mind if you need Evo for an essential trip, please bring and use wipes at the start and end of your trip for everything you touch (then take the wipes with you to throw in the garbage). That’ll include steering wheel, door handles, gear shift, seat belt, parking brake, blinker and any buttons.”

CarMax Closes Some Stores

CarMax closed stores these stores and will continue to keep stores open following CDC guidelines. CarMax is paying  associates for up to 14 days at closed locations any locations or if associates are required to be quarantined.

California – 27 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/20/20 until further notice

Colorado – 6 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/26/20 through 4/11/20

Connecticut – 3 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/23/20 through 4/22/20

Delaware – 1 store:

  • Closed as of 3/24/20 through 5/14/20

Georgia – 1 store:

  • 8989 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA, as of 3/25/20 through 4/7/20

Illinois – 9 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/23/20 through 4/8/20

Kansas – 1 store:

  • 6801 East Frontage Road, Merriam, KS, as of 3/23/20 through 4/23/20

Kentucky – 2 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/23/20 until further notice

Louisiana – 4 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/23/20 through 4/12/20

Maine – 1 store:

  • Closed as of 3/24/20 through 4/7/20

Massachusetts – 4 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/24/20 through 4/7/20

Michigan – 1 store:

  • Closed as of 3/24/20 through 4/14/20

Mississippi – 1 store:

  • 3147 Tom Watson Dr., Saltillo, MS, as of 3/23/20 through 3/29/20

Missouri – 1 store:

  • 19010 East Valley View Parkway, Independence, MO, as of 3/23/20 through 4/23/20

Nevada – 4 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/18/20 through 4/17/20

New Jersey – 2 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/22/20 until further notice

New Mexico – 2 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/24/20 until further notice

New York – 3 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/22/20 through 4/19/20

North Carolina – 2 stores

  • 10510 Cadillac Street, Pineville, NC, as of 3/24/20 until further notice
  • 7700 Krefeld Dr, Charlotte, NC as of 3/25/20 until further notice

Pennsylvania – 5 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/17/20 through 3/27/20

Texas – 7 stores:

  • 8400 Anderson Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX, as of 3/23/20 until further notice
  • 4700 River Ranch Blvd., Ft. Worth, TX, as of 3/23/20 until further notice
  • 12715 LBJ Freeway, Garland, TX, as of 3/24/20 through 4/3/20
  • 780 Grapevine Hwy, Hurst, TX as of 3/24/20 through 4/3/20
  • 3100 Spur 482, Irving, TX as of 3/24/20 through 4/3/20
  • 4200 S I-35E, Denton, TX, as of 3/24/20 through 3/31/20
  • 6410 66th St., Lubbock, TX, as of 3/25/20 through 4/3/20

Washington – 5 stores:

  • All closed as of 3/25/20 through 4/8/20

Recon Deal for Dealers

ReconVelocity today announced a Dealer Relief Program that includes 90-days of free software, training, and support services to existing and new customers, including its new ReconMatch and VelocityValet software solutions. ReconVelocity enables dealers to streamline used vehicle reconditioning, leading to increased vehicle sales and profits. ReconMatch pairs potential buyers to inventory as soon as it’s acquisitioned. VelocityValet will give dealers a platform to manage pick-up and delivery services, such as contactless at-home vehicle deliveries, vehicle servicing, and parts deliveries. The Dealer Relief Program start date is set for April 1, 2020.

The ReconVelocity Dealer Relief Program has three primary goals:

  1. To help you get cars retail-ready faster
  2. To pair potential buyers in your DMS to your recon inventory so you can start selling faster
  3. To enable remote sales and service immediately with pick-up and delivery software

ReconVelocity’s Dealer Relief Program includes the following:

ReconVelocity: Suspended Billing
All billing for ReconVelocity existing customers will be suspended beginning April 1, 2020 for 90-days. This process will be automatic; dealers do not have to take any action.

ReconVelocity, ReconMatch & VelocityValet: Free for 90-Days
90-days free software service for new and existing customers.

Remote Set-Up, Implementation & Training: All Fees Waived
Recon Experts will manage the set-up and implementation process remotely, followed by continued performance coaching and support at no cost for 90-days.