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Tactile Mobility & HERE Partner for Location-Based Data

Tactile Mobility, the leading tactile virtual sensing and data company for automakers, municipalities, road authorities and fleet managers, and HERE Technologies, a global leader in location platform services, today announced a partnership to release and commercialize Tactile Mobility’s unique tactile virtual sensing data, including data on road conditions, on the HERE Marketplace for location-based data. Joining other premium mobility brands, Tactile Mobility will expand its commercial reach to automotive and municipal customers seeking tactile data.

Tactile Mobility’s newfound commercial relationship with HERE will accelerate the sale of tactile data to companies seeking to develop services and products based on how vehicles “feel” the road. The HERE Marketplace will enable large collections of tactile data to be brought to market for a range of potential customers and support the easy transmission of data for new location-based applications and solutions.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our unique tactile data to the HERE Marketplace, where it can serve a myriad of purposes, including enhancing vehicle safety, road safety and road asset management,” said Eitan Grosbard, Vice President of Business Development of Tactile Mobility. “With its innovative data marketplace, HERE Technologies is fast becoming a leading data provider in the mobility world. By leveraging their platform, we can accelerate our mission to bring tactile data to players at the forefront of the mobility industries. This is yet another milestone for Tactile Mobility as we expand our global reach.”

Currently embedded in multiple major car manufacturers’ vehicles, Tactile Mobility’s software utilizes a vehicle’s built-in, non-visual sensor data, including wheel speed, wheel angle, RPM, and more, to calculate valuable information on vehicle-road dynamics and to create two data models that enable safer and more enjoyable driving in diverse environments: VehicleDNA, a representation of each vehicle’s unique characteristics, including engine and braking efficiency, tire health, and fuel consumption; and SurfaceDNA, a mapping layer of road conditions and hazards that offers an in-depth and real-time view of driving environments to support planned maintenance, live hazard detection, post-accident analysis, and more.

Road condition data sourced from Tactile Mobility’s unique tactile sensing technology will be shared on the HERE Marketplace for purchase by a range of data-seeking customers, including automakers and municipalities, to fulfill diverse industry needs. Tactile Mobility will contribute over 10 terabytes of data on road conditions including grip levels and pavement surface conditions, collected across more than 1.5 billion road segments of 30 meters across Europe and North America. The company’s ability to gather and transform previously inaccessible tactile data into actionable insights for entities across the transportation and municipal sectors makes it a major player in the quest to make smart mobility and smart cities a reality.

“We are excited to add Tactile Mobility’s pioneering new category of automotive data – tactile data – to the HERE Platform,” said Knuth Sexauer, Senior Director Sales EMEAR Automotive at HERE Technologies. “The company’s unique offering will enrich and diversify our digital ecosystem of third-party data, enabling our mobility and automotive clients to create new solutions, increase their revenue, and optimize the way people move from A to B.”

About Tactile Mobility

Tactile Mobility [formerly Mobiwize] is the world’s leading tactile virtual sensing technology and data provider, enabling actionable insights for smart and autonomous vehicles, m

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