Connected Car News: eSync Alliance, Agero, Oracle, ams, Tyrata, Synopsys & Marelli

If you are looking for connected car news please check our best of CES published today. Also in connected car news are eSync Alliance, Agero, Oracle, ams, Tyrata, Synopsys and Marelli.

eSync Alliance

The eSync Alliance, an open consortium dedicated to standardizing an OTA and diagnostic data gathering platform, reports  that it has formally joined the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) as an Associate Member.

Rick Kreifeldt, executive director of the eSync Alliance, said, “Our work to standardize the bidirectional data pipeline to the edge electronics in the connected vehicle is aligned with the mission of the CVTA. We believe that cooperation between our two organizations will allow us to better serve automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers who are working to develop the coming generations of connected vehicles.”

Agero & Oracle

Agero, a leader in the digitalization of white-labeled driver assistance services, is using Oracle enterprise communications technologies to safeguard drivers in more than 115 million vehicles in the U.S. When a driver is stranded roadside, time is of the essence. With Oracle, the company has achieved continuous contact center uptime, so customers can get the assistance they need and are back on the road as quickly as possible.

For 45 years, Agero has provided smart solutions for its clients and their drivers. Today, Agero’s roadside assistance, accident management and consumer affairs services are leveraged in the U.S. by drivers in two-thirds of new passenger vehicles, policyholders from nine of the top 15 auto insurance carriers and customers of a variety of other diversified clients. To maximize the quality of its customers’ experiences and to eliminate communication failures or downtime, Agero needed predictable enterprise communications performance and real-time application support. Agero selected Oracle for the failsafe reliability, security and interoperability.

ams Sensor

ams a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, introduced the first inductive position sensor for high-speed, automotive and industrial electric motors to be available as a standard product on the open market.

New rotor position sensing solutions based on the AS5715 can match the accuracy and latency of resolvers widely used in high-speed motor applications, while providing substantial savings in bill-of-materials cost, size and weight. Importantly, it is also ISO 26262 functional safety standard compliant as the IC is based on an ASIL-C implementation and the redundant implementation supports ASIL-D.

The commercialization by ams of inductive position sensor semiconductor technology marks an important advance in the drive to electrify automotive systems such as power steering, as well as the traction systems in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The AS5715 inductive sensor is highly configurable, and can be used in on-axis (end-of-shaft) and off-axis (through shaft or side-of-shaft) topologies, and with many types of multi-pole-pair motor.

Tyrata Auotmate Tread Monitoring

Tyrata announced that it will be deploying its automated tire tread monitoring system at the Durham, NC bus depot, in cooperation with the Durham City Transit Company and Continental. In this test program, Tyrata’s IntelliTreadTM Drive-Over System (DOS) will measure and evaluate Durham buses’ tire tread depth to provide actionable tire maintenance information. The rugged IntelliTread DOS is easy to install and operate, collecting data as buses drive over the low-profile, speed bump-like sensing unit. Data collected at the Durham City Transit Company bus depot will provide a foundation for other potential installations involving Durham fleet management sites.

Tyrata announced limited availability of the IntelliTreadTM DOS for testing in October 2019. This first system field test is aimed at taking measurements of Durham bus tires over several months. The field test will provide a unique opportunity to evaluate DOS performance in normal operating field conditions. Tire measurements and the subsequent data analytics will allow Tyrata to observe and evaluate overall DOS performance, gain more understanding of customer requirements, and demonstrate the positive business impact of automated tire monitoring.

Synopsys & Porsche

Synopsys Inc. announced the co-development of a whitepaper with Porsche Consulting outlining a state-of-the-art automotive electronic architecture development process. As clarified in the “Revolutionizing Automotive Development for the Digital Future” whitepaper, this holistic solution integrates Synopsys’ Triple Shift-Left approach into existing automotive development organizations and processes by leveraging Porsche Consulting Systems Engineering principles. This approach enables OEMs to build safety and security into automotive system-on-chip (SoC) designs faster with automotive-grade IP, start software development up to 18 months earlier with virtual prototyping solutions, and assess software security and quality throughout development and testing and across the supply chain.

Marelli Partners with Plug and Play

Leading automotive supplier, Marelli, today announced its partnership in mobility with Plug and Play, LLC, a global innovation platform that brings together the best startups with the world’s largest corporations. Through this partnership, Marelli will strengthen its connections with selected startups, enabling the company to accelerate its innovation capabilities for future mobility technologies and solutions.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play now has a global footprint in over 25 locations. The company has developed a unique ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and runs “Accelerator Programs” which is a limited-time program for major companies to collaborate and invest in startups as part of open innovation across a range of industries.

Through the Acceleration Program, Marelli can strengthen its connection to the startup sector through one-on-one meetings, deal flow sessions and networking. Access will be targeted and based on a strict selection criteria relating to startups that are focused on the development of unique and advanced mobility technologies.

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