@HenrikFisker Reveals More SUV Details Priced below $400 mo.

Henrik Fisker announced more details about the new electric sustainable SUV named Ocean through Twitter, LinkedIn and online videos.

The monthly flexible cost to lease is below $400 a month more details will be announced on November 27 through the app. The vehicle can be returned at any time. There is no minimum length to the lease.

The solar roof will charge up the vehicle for an additional 1,000 miles a year. The carpet is made from abandoned shipping net waste.

Fisker is considering the Indian market but he waiting for India to have a clear strategy on charging infrastructure and incentives. It will be available in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

The length of the vehicle is 4640mm long.

“We have partnered with some big companies to drive down the cost of the vehicle,” says Fisker, “We cut out the general overhead cost and middlemen in the car industry, such as dealers. We created a lean business model, we go directly to the customer. We finance the cost of vehicle while if you go to a dealer you have finance the cost of the MSRP with all the built-in margins.”

The idea is people want no commitment. They want the flexibility to give the car back after twelve months, nineteen months or five years whatever they want, says Fisker.

“The payback for use once the car is paid off is potentially huge. That allows us a large profit margin, but also we can bring the cars to market for an affordable price that includes all maintenance and all service,” said Fisker. The vehicles will not have to taken for service, they will be picked up.

Fisker is doing something different than carmakers that have high cost of infrastructure. Costs are cut by going directly to market. Development costs are much lower because of several partnerships. Good bankers such as Credit Suisse is helping with the right financing.

“We’ve done everything upside down. We’re doing something completely different. I dont’ think there are any cool electric vehicles on the market today for under $400,” said Fisker.

It’s a high volume affordable vehicle that is cool and fits in the most growing segment–the SUV segment, says Fisker.