Best of Automotive Innovation 3D Displays, Smart Roads, SureCalls & Green Fuels

CES announced some of its winners for it innovation awards. Here are interesting winners that relate to automotive and connected cars.

Bosch 3D Displays

In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety Honoree and Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation is Bosch 3D Display – for automotive applications. The display uses passive multi-view 3D technology to generate a realistic three-dimensional effect that allows visual information to be grasped faster than when displayed on a conventional screen.

Smart Roads

The Valerann Smart Roads System from Valerann  was honored for Smart Cities. The Valerann sensory road stud replaces standard RPMs (Raised Pavement Markers). This forms a sensory network that shares information with Valerann’s cloud and directly with vehicles. The sensory road stud is equipped with six different sensors, is solar-powered, and uses Valerann’s proprietary LoRA-based communication.

Using an IoT approach, and replacing existing standardized road markings, Valerann transforms  roads into a com. The road stud network can track the exact driving pattern of every single vehicle on the road: down to the exact in lane location of each vehicle in real time.

Aggregating this information allows Valerann to provide real-time critical information to drivers. E.g. inform autonomous vehicles of merging vehicles, share information about risks and provide navigation apps with lane-by-lane traffic.

The sensors can use controllable LEDs to share simple messages with drivers, anywhere on the road. E.g. lighting can turn blue if there is ice on the road, a single lane can be closed with red lighting if a risk is detected, flashing red lighting at a driver if they are driving in thewrong direction, or use a chasing pattern of orange lights to request that drivers slow down.

Better Green Motorcycles

Green Systems Automotives is honored for the PRODUCT CATEGORY Tech for a Better World.

Green Systems Automotives offers a connected and integrated Flexfuel conversion device specifically designed and engineered for powered two-wheeler that reduce drastically ttheir greenhouses gas emissions and therefore make them sustainable.

Using the device will change your motorbike, scooter (or your leisure vehicle such as sea scooter, snowmobile, watercraft, ATVs…) in a real FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle) and allows you to run your vehicle with biofuel Ethanol/E85 which is clean-burning and substantially reduces CO and CO2 emissions compared to conventional fuel.

Also, the device is not just a simple Flex-Fuel kit for motorcycles, but a complete driver’s solution offering services to its user such as onboard telemetry, GPS tracking, SOS alerts…

2 4 TriEye

Israeli startup TriEye, whose Short-Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) sensing technology enables vision in adverse weather and night-time conditions was awarded two CES Innovation Awards.

TriEye’s technology was selected as a recipient in the Embedded Technologies category, as well as Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation, based on its engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, user value, unique features and product innovation compared to other products on the market.

TriEye is breaking the status-quo of lidar, radar, and standard vision cameras with its CMOS-based SWIR camera. SWIR cameras have been used for decades by the Defense and Aerospace industries, but the technology was too expensive for mass-market applications. The company’s advanced nanophotonics research enables fabrication of a low-cost SWIR sensor at scale. It enables a mass-produced, small size, HD SWIR camera at 1000x lower cost than current technology. TriEye’s innovative SWIR technology can be harnessed to assist global OEMs and Tier 1s in solving the low visibility challenge and save lives on the road.

SureCall’s Better Boosted Range

SureCall’s Fusion2Go Max is a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the “Mobile Devices & Accessories” category. SureCall’s patented Extended Range TechnologyTM (ERT) fundamentally changes the typical signal booster architecture to deliver a variety of performance enhancements to users, which is a major differentiator within the industry.

The advantages of ERT enable users to remain connected via call/text/data throughout more remote areas on the road, providing stronger connectivity than any other solution. By ensuring that the amplifier boosts signals of higher quality, ERT is able to directly improve performance characteristics such as data speed, operational device-to-cell tower distance, and the booster’s interior coverage area.

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