Flash Mob of E-Scooters Thwarted by LAPD & New Tech

A swarm of e-scooters can wreak havoc on city streets and freeways. On September 1, the downtown Los Angeles Arts District was disrupted by a mob of e-scooter riders. This weekend, however, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) stopped the threat of a flash scooter takeover mob using technology. They also prevented the absolute worse problem–if the mob took to the 101 freeway.

A call went out on social media for an e-scooter mob to rent scooters and take over the streets and sidewalks, Saturday night. A group including people from all the the state was reportedly planning to swarm and takeover the downtown Los Angeles.

The police did not let it happen. They worked with the scooter companies and used new technology to disable the many of the scooters. Then the police in cars broke up the groups. They did not reveal the exact nature of the technology.

However, we know that companies have created geo-fencing in some ares that do not allow e-scooters on the beaches in Santa Monica and Venice.

An issue of great importance with e-scooter companies—is that cities want the companies to share the data with them.

It would be very easy for the police to get the names of the mob members and issue them citations or even arrest them, later.

E-scooters can be very dangerous. In fact some used one to bludgeon and kill a victim in Long Beach, California. There are increasing number of e-scooter riders being injured.

Most of the flash mobbers were not wearing helmets.