Whopper Burger Delivery in Gridlock in Mexico City Ole-via Waze

Burger King is using real-time data to detect customers in traffic and offer them a Wopper and deliver on the move in Mexico City—the worst traffic nightmare in the world.

Nearby digital billboards updated when burgers will be delivered. Media ads were displayed in high congestion zones.

Waze banners and push notifications invited drivers to get a Whopper as soon as they entered delivery zones.

Dubbed “Traffic Jam Whopper”, the service allows customers through voice commands to place their orders.  The radius of 3KM from a Burger King restaurant was searched for gridlock

The app pinpointed vehicle location and speed–allowing the drivers to find the car to deliver the food to.

Specialty equipped motorcycles delivered the food.

The campaign increased Burger King’s daily delivery orders in Mexico by 63 percent, and daily download rate of the BK app jumped 44 percent. The idea was conceived out of We Believers.

The next cities will be Los Angels, San Paulo and Shanghai.

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