2.4 Ton Capacity Electric Truck Medium-Duty CF1


At the 2019 ACT Expo CityFreighter’s full electric medium-duty CF1 truck premiered.
outstanding innovations to serve the last-mile requirements of fleet operators.

Select highlights of the CF1 are:
A very low-floor cargo area platform of just 43 cm (17 inches)
Compact dimensions of 21 x 9 x 7 feet and a GVWR of 5 tons
Entirely keyless operation
100 mile plus driving range
A modular cargobox
Industry-leading TCO

The payload capacity is 2.4 tons and with a minimum of 710 cubic feet, all based on the aforementioned 17-inch low-floor design. To achieve that, the rear axle is equipped with an electric air suspension. This avoids the need for an electric lift system, reduces loading / unloading times and significantly lessens driver strain.

CF1’s all-electric foundation is just a part of this. We build on that by integrating customized, modular designs across the entire truck, from cabin & driver ergonomics to battery & drive-train to the multi-purpose, modular cargobox. The CF1, in turn, connects to route-optimization and goods-tracking systems.

This integrated, design-driven model enables a broad range of vehicle hardware and software development choices specific to the needs of our customers. Future developments will focus on autonomous functions as well.