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Best and Worst Car Repair Costs in America

RepairPal released its America’s Best and Worst Cities for Auto Repair study. In the report, Jacksonville, Florida, ranked as the best city for car repair, and Honolulu ranked as the worst.

California star: It’s not surprising that several California metros made the naughty list, but one that did pretty well is San Diego. A low overall average price total, an abundance of mechanics and overall decent roads put this sunny city toward the middle of the pack.

The recently released study combines a local view of the realistic expectation of the availability of mechanics, how often cars might need to be taken in for repairs and what it costs to fix a car. For the report, RepairPal used information from multiple sources, including its own internal data from shops nationwide:

According to the data, the East Coast overall is most affordable for car owners while the West Coast is most expensive. Areas such as Jacksonville, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Richmond, Virginia, fared best when taking into account repair bills, mechanic availability and road conditions.

In fact, the best 13 cities for car repair are east of the Mississippi. Hawaiians and Californians can expect the highest car repair bills, with 6 of the 10 worst cities for car repair located in California. There were few bright spots in the Golden State, other than San Diego which has better-maintained roads and plenty of mechanics to offset higher repair costs.

20 worst metro areas for car repair

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

2. San Jose, California

3. Oxnard, California

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

5. Los Angeles, California

6. Tulsa, Oklahoma

7. San Francisco, California

8. Denver, Colorado

9. Bakersfield, California

10. Fresno, California

11. Riverside, California

12. Colorado Springs, Colorado

13. Memphis, Tennessee

14. Sacramento, California

15. Dallas, Texas

16. Houston, Texas

17. Des Moines, Iowa

18. Madison, Wisconsin

19. Las Vegas, Nevada

20. Seattle, Washington

1. Jacksonville, Florida

2. Greensboro, North Carolina

3. Richmond, Virginia

4. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

5. Knoxville, Tennessee

6. Dayton, Ohio

7. Charleston, South Carolina

8. Raleigh, North Carolina

9. Charlotte, North Carolina

10. Providence, Rhode Island

11. Sarasota, Florida

12. Columbia, South Carolina

13. Tampa, Florida

14. Omaha, Nebraska

15. Deltona, Florida

16. Virginia Beach, Virginia

17. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

18. St. Louis, Missouri

19. Boise, Idaho

20. Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Audette, head of Product at RepairPal, states: “We found that California car repairs are generally much more expensive and road quality there suffers. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, car repair bills were significantly lower, and road conditions are often better.

“This is the most comprehensive view of what we think car owners can expect. About 90% of American households own a car, yet too many car owners are frustrated not knowing whom to trust to fix their car or what is fair to pay. We feel it’s important to provide as much helpful information as possible to help people gain comfort when looking for a local mechanic and get back on the road.”