New iPhone & Android App Tracks Teens & Helps with Roadside Service

A new app for iPhone and Android monitors family members and provides low-cost roadside assistance.

ArmourGrid’s Family Kuvrr (pronounced “Family Cover”) mobile app delivers peace of mind through smart monitoring and prediction to safeguard families and communities. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the innovative platform delivers a highly personalized smart assistant to help protect loved ones 24/7. The app proactively monitors text, social media usage, phone calls, apps for cyberbullying, drugs, gangs, solicitation and multiple other potential issues. In addition to the emergency roadside service, it provides smart geo tracking and smart SOS to deliver 360 safety and protection for the whole family. The Family Kuvrr app is available now from the Apple store or Google Play.

Family leaders can set responsible device usage schedule, control/block Device/Apps, phone calls and a lot more. Take back control of your family’s precious “family” time.
Family Kuvrr’s smart engine does continuous monitoring for cyber bullying, suspect emoji’s, sexting, social media, Internet, phone calls/text, risky images/videos/locations, emergencies and a lot more.

Signature Motor Club, a subsidiary of Allstate, is the exclusive roadside assistance provider to ArmourGrid, a new consumer technology company that designed the Family Kuvrr mobile application. The app is a smart solution for parents to track and monitor their children and families. It makes it easier for families to stay connected in moments when help is needed.

With just a few taps within the Family Kuvrr app, users can digitally access roadside assistance. Drivers can either pay-per-use and request services like a tow, jump start or tire change, or they can sign up for a roadside membership to have at the ready. Once a rescue is requested, drivers can track the location of the tow or service provider from their smartphone and share this information with family and friends.

RoadKuvrr Annual Membership- The annual RoadKuvrr membership is $29.99 per year and includes 3 roadside incidents per membership year for the family. The annual membership to Allstate Roadside Services® offered through Family Kuvrr provides coverage for your spouse and your 16 to 18-year-old dependents for emergency roadside assistance benefits.

The Kuvrr app is free for basic monitoring.

PREMIUM:($1.99 Monthly, $9.99 Annually)
• 10 Members Kuvrred
• Location Tracking, 30 Days History, Smart Geo Fencing with Entry/Exit Alerts
• 30 Days Phone Calls History
• Text/MMS Monitoring & Alerts, 30 Days History
• Website Monitoring, 30 Days History
• App Block/Unblock, 30 days App Usage History
• Phone Calls Block/Unblock, 30 Days History
• Device Lock/Unlock and Smart Device Schedules
• SOS Alerts (Email+Text+Notification) and SOS Live Stream
• Online Support

PREMIUM+ $2.99 Monthly, $19.99 Annually
• 20 Members Kuvrred
• All the features of Premium
• Social Media Monitoring & Alerts
• 90 Days History