Voyo Scan Pro Gives New Motives for OBD Scanning

Voyomotive  connected car platform, today announced the release of VOYO with Scan Pro, a new feature that provides consumers with remote diagnostic capabilities equivalent to a professional scan tool. In a recent study using Scan Pro to diagnose consumers’ cars, Voyomotive found that 16% of these vehicles had issues that were not fixed by the owner.  Approximately one-third of these cars had problems that reduce fuel efficiency resulting in gas being wasted and unnecessary emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.  The other two-thirds of the vehicles had mechanical/electrical problems that would eventually result in the car un-expectantly not starting or a major component failure including the engine.

VOYO with Scan Pro now gives consumers the ability to detect hidden problems on their cars allowing them to diagnose problems early and to schedule service to pre-empt more serious and expensive problems from developing. Integrated into the VOYO Apps for iOS and Android, Scan Pro works in conjunction with the plug-in VOYO controller to read manufacturer Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from all vehicle computers. VOYO also reports a wide range of advanced data related to vehicle operating conditions, driver safety and weather. VOYO’s ability to report this information over the air directly from a vehicle provides consumers and industry professionals an alternative to state-of-the-art OEM telematics systems, but without the expensive subscription pricing or usage restrictions imposed by the automotive companies.

Designed to work with OBD-II (On-board Diagnostics) equipped vehicles, VOYO is a small, discrete controller that runs on cars and light/medium-duty trucks built since 1996. The new Scan Pro feature works on over 145 million vehicles that include many major brands of cars built since 2008 including Toyota, GM, Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia. . Unlike other OBD-II controllers that only read generic trouble codes and data from a single vehicle on-board computer, VOYO with Scan Pro reads manufacturer trouble codes from all of a vehicle’s computers. The VOYO app also allows users to clear trouble codes from their vehicle. VOYO’s ability to send advanced diagnostic and other telematics information creates new opportunities for service and repair, roadside assistance and insurance market applications. The Voyomotive platform also enables traditional auto parts manufacturers to create IoT-enabled vehicle components running from their own branded mobility apps and provides supplemental data for AI and driverless car applications.

“VOYO with Scan Pro empowers vehicle owners in ways the OEMs can’t – or more accurately – won’t,” commented Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive. “To the extent that a modern car can diagnose itself, only a limited amount of information may be made available to the owner, and OEM telematics systems will only send information to an official dealership. VOYO with Scan Pro delivers a comprehensive diagnostic to the vehicle owner, which can be forwarded to an independent service center from within the VOYO App, or by using a third-party app with Voyomotive’s App API.”

“In today’s new era of connected, assisted and automated driving, vehicle owners increasingly expect access to data from their vehicles. Service, diagnostic and maintenance data is perhaps the most important information of all to ensure your ride’s performance and reliability,” commented Greg Potter Executive Manager at the Equipment and Tool Institute. “Remote access to advanced diagnostic data will provide wider choices and bring new efficiencies to consumers, fleets and independent garages that meet their service needs.”

In the future Voyo plans to add more featues including:

  • Immobilization: Security feature to restrict engine start using the App (VOYO + 1 relay).
  • Immobilizer Clock: Set times periods by which the car engine is immobilized (VOYO + 1 relay).
  • Stop @ Park: Shuts off engine when transmission is shifted to park (VOYO + 1 relay).

VOYO with Scan Pro: Driving Innovation into the Marketplace

Voyomotive is collaborating with industry partners that need advanced vehicle data to deliver the next generation of mobility services to consumers and fleets. The Voyomotive platform makes data available via its Web API or by using the company’s App API to embed its software libraries within a partner’s mobility app enabling that app to access data directly from the VOYO controller.

Current opportunities for Voyomotive partnerships include:

  • Roadside service – many roadside service requests require an operator assisted phone call that can cost a service provider up to $30 per call. Information provided by VOYO with Scan Pro can automate the process and include diagnostic data to determine whether a vehicle can be repaired remotely or needs to be towed, and to what type of repair shop. For example, in a report of a dead battery, VOYO with Scan Pro could determine if the problem was due to the headlights being left on, which could be resolved with a roadside jump start; or if a defective alternator requires towing to a repair shop.
  • Service and repair – a frustrating aspect of car repair is to request a quote without knowing the full nature of the problem. Using VOYO with Scan Pro, a vehicle owner can send a report to service centers of their choice to obtain a firm quote based on a detailed and accurate diagnosis. With access to VOYO data, apps dedicated to auto service can cross-reference the DTC information with industry databases to determine what part is required, whether that part is in stock, and how long the repair process will take. Remote access to this information will enable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and shop systems to automate appointment scheduling and to integrate Voyomotive data within their branded mobility apps to provide customers a firm price quote, vehicle drop off information and updates on pickup times.
  • Auto Insurance – in addition to providing data for Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) “per mile” programs, such as real odometer tracking, the Voyomotive APIs provide insurance companies with a cost-effective, turnkey method for providing new features within their own apps including roadside service, safe driver coaching, and warning of malfunctions that may impede driving safety. In addition to the full range of data reported remotely, VOYO with Scan Pro can be useful for a determination of First Notice of Loss (FNOL) at the time of a collision.
  • Enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) for Auto Parts – OEM component and aftermarket manufacturers can use the Voyomotive controllers to collect a wide range of data from systems that directly and indirectly affect their products and will be useful for predicative maintenance. Options to run partner code onboard the VOYO controller are also available. The combination of controllers running custom code and APIs enable development of IOT-based components, such as tires, batteries and transmissions, which can be linked to partner-branded mobility apps designed to create a direct relationship with the vehicle and its owner.

Headquartered in San Francisco, with a research and development facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Voyomotive is bringing the world’s most advanced connected car technology to market. Voyomotive controllers are the only OBD-II devices programmed over the air with model specific configuration settings. The consumer product, VOYO, uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) connection to a driver’s cell phone, and the Passport product uses an embedded cellular modem to address the needs of the commercial market and fleets.