Aurora Partners with Volkswagen & Hyundai for Self-Driving Tech

Aurora, designer and builder self-driving technology announced partnerships Volkswagen Group and Hyundai Motor Corporation. Volkswagen Group and Aurora have come together to develop self-driving electric vehicles with the primary goal to bring them to cities as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) fleets. Hyundai Motor Group and Aurora are partnering to incorporate Aurora self-driving technology in Hyundai vehicles, starting with models custom-developed and launched in test programs and pilot cities, including China’s Future City.

Since mid-2017,  the Aurora team have worked closely with specialists from the Volkswagen Group in Germany and the Silicon Valley Campus to integrate Aurora’s self-driving system with Volkswagen’s vehicle platforms. This work will continue in the coming months as we develop and launch MaaS pilots on Volkswagen Group vehicles. The partnership will focus on the ongoing development of software and hardware for driverless vehicles, and, additionally, mobility services for urban and rural areas.As the Self-Driving System (SDS) reaches the required maturity and safety levels in the first cities, it can be integrated across the Group brands, for different product categories: from fully self-driving pods, shuttles or delivery vans to self-driving trucks without a cabin.

The partnership with Hyundai will incorporate Aurora self-driving technology into Hyundai vehicles, starting with models custom-developed and launched in test programs and pilot cities such as China’s Future City.Hyundai and Aurora share the common vision of improving safety and mobility on the world’s roads, and together bring the skills and experience required to successfully introduce self-driving technology in Hyundai vehicles by 2021. Aurora self-driving technology will be introduced into Hyundai models custom-developed and launched in test programs and pilot cities – Level 4 automation. These autonomous vehicles can operate without human input or oversight under select conditions. Over the longer term, Hyundai and Aurora will work to commercialize self-driving vehicles worldwide.

For the last two decades, Aurora’s founders have spearheaded the self-driving revolution, building teams and pioneering modern machine learning techniques now on the cusp of transforming transportation. THyundai and Aurora will move quickly to bring self
-driving technology to market around the world.
Based in Silicon Valley, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aurora designs and builds self-driving technology. Aurora partners with automakers to integrate, pilot and deploy advanced self-driving platforms into vehicles. Founded by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chris Urmson, Chief Product Officer Dr. Sterling Anderson and Chief Technical Officer Dr. Drew Bagnell, Aurora is working to sol
ve today’s most complex AI, automation and engineering challenges to improve transportation and positively impact our cities.