Connected Car News: Porsche, NIO, ON Semi, FASTR, Honda, Bosch, BlackBerry, Sumitomo & FF

In connected car news this week were Faraday Future, NIO, ON Semoconductor, FASTR, Honda, Bosch, Sumitomo, Intertek, BlackBerry, Via & Porsche.

Bad Future for Faraday Future?

On October 14, CFO of Farady Future, Stefan Krause, resigned. However Faraday Future claims he was terminated in a news release issued on Friday due to Krause’s “possible violation fo the law.  The company also terminated Ulrich Kranz as FF’s Chief Technology Officer. The release states “Ulrich Kranz has only been appointed in this role for over three months and this termination wouldn’t affect the R&D process and product development of FF. ”

The company has had problems since its inception and backed out of deal to build a gigafactory in Nevada.

NIO Nips More Money

Meanwhile another Chinese-backed electric startup NIO raised $1 Billion.

ON Semi Selected by Bosch

ON Semiconductor driving energy efficient innovations, announced that Bosch has selected ON Semiconductor, the world leader in automotive image sensors, as the image sensor supplier for a future camera technology for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Engineered to meet OEM requirements for future ADAS cameras, the new image sensor delivers high dynamic range (HDR) with state-of-the-art functional safety features.

ON Semi Intros CMOS Digital Sensor

ON Semiconductor introduced a new 1/4-inch, 1.0 Megapixel (Mp) (1280H x 800V) CMOS digital image sensor which achieves industry leading levels of performance. The new sensor captures clean, accurate images with no artifacts in both bright and low light conditions. Its high shutter efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio minimize ghosting and noise effects, improving overall image quality.

The 3.0 μm pixel AR0144 incorporates an innovative global shutter design that is optimized to address the increasingly stringent demands for accurate and fast capture in static and moving scene applications. Available in monochrome and color, the sensor is ultra-compact with a choice of either 5.6 mm x 5.6 mm chip scale or bare die formats, significantly easing integration into space constrained designs.

With a comprehensive set of features and extensive capabilities, the AR0144 is able to address the increasing number and diversity of end applications for image sensors. Mordor Intelligence forecasts that the global image sensors market will increase to $12.67 billion by 2018 with a CAGR of 7.69% over the period 2014-2020.

The AR0144 avoids designers having to compromise on resolution in order to find a solution that fits in their design. In static applications such as bar code scanners, the AR0144 is easy to incorporate in the handheld product format and ensures first-time scanning, saving power, time and inconvenience. In dynamic applications such as drones, the sensor’s low power characteristics extend the time between charging, and its imaging performance supports better mapping of the environment for robust collision avoidance. Finally, in 3D camera and augmented/virtual reality designs, the AR0144 can provide a cost-effective and small form factor solution for capturing dual images for 3D mapping or depth sensing.

The AR0144 has a high degree of flexibility with a choice of master/video, trigger/single frame and auto trigger operating modes. Exposure time is controlled via a two-wire serial interface, and configuration of both the window size and blanking times allows the resolution and frame rate (up to 60 fps at full resolution) to be adjusted to cover a particular Region of Interest (ROI). Versatility to accurately match the specific needs of applications can be achieved by a range of customization possibilities; these include tuning, windowing, adjustable auto-exposure control, auto black level correction and more.

Sumitomo Goes to GoMemtum

GoMentum Station announced a new partnership with Sumitomo Electric, a respected tier one automotive supplier of electronics that support autonomous and connected vehicles. Sumitomo Electric is the first supplier to collaborate with GoMentum Station and its partners on advancing automated vehicle technology. Sumitomo Electric’s research and development subsidiary in Silicon Valley, Innovation Core SEI, leads the collaboration.

FASTR Releases Automotive Cyber Security Guidelines

FASTR, a nonprofit research consortium dedicated to automotive cybersecurity, announced the availability of “Automotive Industry Guidelines for Secure Over-the-Air Updates.”

The guidelines are intended to assist automotive manufacturers and others involved in evaluating platforms for secure updates, describing the threat models, providing recommended cryptographic algorithms and detailing a step-by-step checklist for evaluating SOTA systems. The document illuminates one area of opportunity for research and innovation in the automotive security ecosystem.

Founded by Aeris, Intel and Uber in 2016, FASTR seeks to accelerate automotive security by marshaling industry-wide collaboration on crucially needed research.

Honda Innovations Expands to Detroit Japan, China, and Europe

Honda Innovations is expanding its global open innovation program for early stage innovators to Detroit, Japan, China, and Europe.

Modeled on its successful Honda Xcelerator program in Mountain View, Calif., Honda Innovations will guide other Honda operations as they establish startup liaisons globally, providing protocols and best practices to identify and engage with startups and entrepreneurs who share Honda’s vision for transforming mobility.

By engaging more deeply with the local startup community in these regions, the startup liaisons will create win-win opportunities for collaborations between top innovators and Honda.

Intertek New DSRC Certification & Testing

Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announcds the launch of new services for dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) testing and certification for the automotive industry. These new offerings will assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers in developing components for autonomous and connected vehicles.

DSRC is wireless technology that allows automobiles to communicate with each other as well as with related infrastructure, such as stop lights, emergency vehicles or other smart devices. Intertek’s services will cover wireless testing per 802.11p / IEEE 1609.x as well as DSRC regulatory requirements from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), and validation tests specified by OEMs for suppliers.

Tata Elxsi & BlackBerry Partner

Tata Elxsi and BlackBerry Limited announced they are partnering to help companies design and develop secure, mission-critical solutions for industries such as automotive, industrial, medical and network communication using BlackBerry QNX technologies.

Tata Elxsi will provide integration and customization services for the following embedded software solutions from BlackBerry: QNX Neutrino Realtime OS, QNX Momentics Tool Suite, QNX Hypervisor, QNX SDK for Apps & Media, QNX Wireless Framework, QNX OS for Safety, QNX OS for Medical, QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, QNX Platform for Acoustics, and QNX Platform for ADAS.

Fauerica New Tech Center in Silicon Valley

Faurecia, one of the world’s largest automotive equipment suppliers, has opened a new tech center in Silicon Valley to strengthen its relationships with automakers, innovative startups, leading universities and new actors in the mobility sector. Faurecia will accelerate its start-up scouting activities in the region and build a technology platform for its Smart Life on Board and Sustainable Mobility innovation ecosystems. The tech center will host one of the Group’s Artificial Intelligence teams.

eSoftThings Works with R-Car Automotive

eSoftThings is specialized in developing and supporting computer vision technologies for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD). For several years eSoftThings has been working with Renesas on support for the high-performance R-Car automotive SoCs and RH850 MCUs, which are part of the Renesas autonomy™ Platform. As member of the R-Car Consortium, eSoftThings will contribute to accelerate development of ADAS and AD with computer vision technology optimized for R-Car SoCs.

By leveraging in-depth knowledge of the Renesas solutions as well as vision and radar technologies, eSoftThings is integrating and delivering a selection of algorithms on the Renesas autonomy Platform by utilizing the dedicated on-chip accelerators providing high performance at low power consumption. Moreover, eSoftThings provides training and consulting to Renesas partners and customers to enable the optimal use of Renesas solutions in their target applications.

Fujistu & HERE Link

Fujitsu and HERE Technologies announced a plan to link their respective technologies into powerful integrated solutions for customers developing advanced mobility services and autonomous cars.

The two companies have signed an agreement with a view to commencing a long-term strategic partnership that would benefit both companies’ customers.

Fujitsu is a leading system integrator with data analytics, AI and high-performance computing technologies, while HERE is a leading provider of accurate and reliable digital mapping and advanced location-based data services and technology. HERE has systematized its approach to location-based data services with the HERE Open Location Platform.

Through their planned partnership, the companies aim to support automakers, mobility providers and cities with integrated, end-to-end technology solutions with an initial focus on Japan-originated companies, while expanding to international markets. As a key partner to automakers and other industries, Fujitsu has deep experience in services and information systems such as automotive telematics.

Via On Demand Rides for Public Transport in Arlington & West Sacaramento

Arlington, Texas and West Sacramento, California have selected Via, the leading technology developer and provider of dynamic on-demand shared rides, to launch a pioneering comprehensive on-demand public transit solution for both cities.

Residents across both cities will soon be able to use the Via app to instantly book a seat in a shared, dynamically-routed vehicle. Via’s sophisticated algorithm will instantly match passengers with others going their way in a vehicle following an optimized flexible route that minimizes detours and delays.

Service in Arlington, Texas will launch in early December following the Arlington City Council approval on November 7. Service in West Sacramento, California is expected to begin operating in the spring of 2018, pending City Council approval in December.

Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking

Porsche develops a comprehensive protection system against theft for all classics of the brand. This will allow owners of classic Porsche models to benefit from anti-theft protection, which is already offered for new vehicles.

The core element of the new “Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System” is a self-sufficient sensor package that is integrated into hidden areas in the vehicle. This unit communicates with a pan-European safety net. The new system fits in individual versions for all Porsche classics from the 356 to the Carrera GT. It will be available from spring 2018 at Porsche Classic partners and Porsche centers in Europe.


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