Instant Driver Test of Impairment from Drugs or Drowsiness App for iPhone & Android

Atacama Resource anounced Good2Drive, a mobile application that allows drivers, corporate fleets and law enforcement to test a driver’s cognitive alertness before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Good2Drive uses a 60-90 second image matching test using a patented algorithm that was created based on the scientific study of cognitive abilities at various West Coast hospitals and universities.

Good2Drive will be available from Google Play and the iTunes store.

The company anticipates the app being used not only by families and individuals to promote safer driving habits but also by corporate fleets and law enforcement agencies to combat dangerous driving.

Good2Drive is designed to monitor, the impairment to drivers caused by drugs, both prescription and illicit, along with drowsy driving is emerging as a major factor in traffic crashes in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Good2Drive’s patented algorithm and test have been proven to accurately identify cognitive impairment, regardless of the source, whether it is drinking, drugs or drowsiness. Good2Drive’s test is suitable for testing young teenage drivers, adult drivers, senior citizens and drivers of commercial vehicles.”

Good2Drive’s features have been specifically designed with following needs in mind:

  • Families – Young drivers are the highest risk group on the roads for traffic crashes. Test results from Good2Drive from any family member using the application are pushed to the Parent’s phone, providing them peace of mind whenever their young driver gets behind the wheel.
  • Individuals – Individuals will be able to double check their ability to drive before taking the risk. Whether it’s a couple of drinks, prescription medication, or a long day at the office, it’s no longer a guess — Good2Drive will let you know when you’re good to drive.
  • Corporate Fleets – Moving cargo is stressful enough without having to worry about driver impairment. Good2Drive gives fleet owners proof that their cargo is in good hands. Good2Drive not only promotes safety but also means less risk of cargo lost to traffic crashes.
  • Law Enforcement – A breathalyzer can’t tell the whole story. Drugs and drowsy driving are contributing to a significant number of traffic crashes, many causing injuries and death. Good2Drive’s 60-90 second test can be administered roadside, is not invasive, and gives law enforcement immediate results regarding the driver’s current ability to operate a motor vehicle.

There is  free trial version of Good2Drive. For continued use it will cost $0.99 a month for individuals, $1.99 a month for families (up to five people), with pricing for Corporate Fleets and Law Enforcement Organizations available on request. Subscriptions for Good2Drive will soon be available for download on Android smartphones at Google Play and Apple smartphones at iTunes Store.