Tech Cars Award: Best Connected Car, New Mobility or Tech Celebrity, Analyst or Spokesperson

AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Awards honors not only cars, connectivity and technology but people. People who guide and lead the industry are important to how the transformation of connected cars and transportation will occur. We had three nominees for the Best Connected Car, New Mobility or Tech Celebrity, Analyst or Spokesperson, this year, Padmasree Warior, Matt Jones and Roger C. Lanctot.

Padmasree Warrior, gave a keynote speech at Automobility L.A. She is the former Chief Technology & Strategy Officer (CTO) of Cisco Systems, and the former CTO of Motorola, Inc. In 2014, she was listed as the 71st most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. She says she switched industries because the car will transform our lives. The next significant platform will have a bigger impact on lives, Car 3.0. Warrior’s car was rear-ended twice in 2016 causing stress and anxiety. She notes in her speech you can see below that the bottom line is “Commute equals misery, today for most people.”

Warrior thinks that Car 3.0 will be safet autonomous, grean and your companion, giving drivers freedom to use their time while in the vehicle. Although, Warrior is well-known in the technology sector, she did not win the popular vote for AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Award for Best Connected Car, New Mobility or Tech Celebrity, Analyst or Spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Matt Jones formerly of Jaguar Land Rover, currently Chief Product Officer at moovel and past president of the GENIVI Alliance was more popular with with our voters than Warrior coming in second place. moovel North America brings mobility solutions for public and alternative transportation options to cities via mobile ticketing and a RideTap SDK. Jones is a dynamic speaker and automotive industry verteran.

However, the winner of the most popular votes for was Roger C. Lanctot, Associate Director in the Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics who in an ironic twist interviewed Matt Jones at Automobility LA. Lanctot has close to 60,000 followers on LinkedIn and is stalwart leader at industry trade shows and events. He has over 25 years’ experience in the technology industry as an analyst, journalist and consultant. He’s not afraid to voice his opinion which makes him a favorite person for journalists to interview. In fact, Lanctot will return calls to reporters from any where in the world and then give deep insights into any connected car, telematics or self-driving topic.

One voter from Germany commented about Lanctot, “The best connected man in the connected car industry, he has his finger on the pulse of all changes and provides invaluable support to numerous organizations.”

Another voter from California wrote, “He has good grasp of technology but also insights into the economics that will drive the telematics industry.”

Lanctot is well-known and well-liked in the industry, a voter summed up Lanctot’s qualities, “Roger is extremely knowledgeable and has vision. He’s very productive and well connected. He writes clearly and succinctly. He’s always candid.”

In an email response to his winning Roger Lanctot wrote to us, “I am flattered at AUTO Connected Car News’ recognition of my work and humbled by the support expressed by my colleagues and peers for whom I have the utmost respect.”

On voter didn’t realize that Padmasree Warrior, CEO of NextEV is a woman. The voter asked “why no women?”

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Here are AUTO Connected Car NEWs Tech CAR winners so far:

  • Best Telematics, Mainstream Ev and Automotive Chipmaker.
  • Best Luxury EV, Hybrid or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle.

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