Lyft amps identifying drivers & safety with connected car device

lyftdashdeviceLyft announced a connected car device, Amp to help drivers and passengers identify each other and stay safe. Amp will enable personalized rideshare experiences.

Amp will hit the road on December 31, 2016 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City, and roll out to all of Lyft’s 200+ markets by mid-year 2017. The ambient lighting on Amp’s front will be visible in windshields, and the hidden screen on the back of the device displays messages pushed through a bluetooth connection. By matching the device’s color to that displayed in-app on the passenger’s phone, drivers and passengers can easily identify one another at pickup.

Also announced today is Lyft’s “Ride on the Bright Side” brand campaign, developed in partnership with agency of record Made, that brings to life the reasons customers choose Lyft. Four TV spots directed by award-winner Wayne McClammy and out-of-home advertisements featuring illustrations by artist Noma Bar are set to go live this week. The TV ads, which star Tobias Jelinek from Netflix’s hit show ‘Stranger Things,’ take a comedic look at Lyft’s people-first commitment and the overall rideshare landscape.

Both the TV and out-of-home elements were built around a multi-month research process that uncovered the factors driving consumer preference for Lyft: experience, driver quality and safety. These pillars of the brand shine through in Lyft’s second national advertising campaign.

“We’ve always heard from our drivers and passengers that they love Lyft’s friendly service, and now we know that 97% of people who have used Lyft are likely to recommend us to someone else,” said Melissa Waters, Head of Marketing. “Ride on the Bright Side’ showcases our momentum, highlighting why customers consistently choose Lyft.”