electronica connected car news: Renesas ADAS Kit, Utimaco & KEMET

There were more automotive connected car announcements from electronica today from Renesas Electronics, Utimaco and KEMET.

Renesas New all-in-one ADAS View Solution

Renesas Electronics Corporation, supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced a new all-in-one Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) view solution kit. Expanding the success of the first-generation ADAS surround view kit that was launched on October 8, 2015, Renesas’ second-generation ADAS view solution kit with up to eight cameras realizes next-generation electronic mirrors, driver monitoring and surround view systems all at the same time.

Viewing applications are seen as one of the next comfort and safety features on the road towards autonomous driving. Also, it has become a standard in autonomous driving and ADAS applications to enable sensor fusion which combines and processes the collected information from automotive cameras and radars for vehicles to recognize their surroundings. 360-degree surround view is expected to become an essential feature available in all vehicle segments. Additionally, mirrors will be replaced by cameras, and driver monitoring features will be required for autonomous driving and to increase safety. Camera-based electronic mirrors will allow object detection, the modification of viewing angles and zooming. Driver monitoring will help to build safe, autonomous driving level 3-and-beyond (Note 2) vehicles that still demand intervention by the driver in some situations, and will be able to monitor driver attention in conventional cars.

To address these changes, Renesas launched the all-in-one ADAS view solution kit that includes the recently-announced “R-Car Starter Kit Premier” automotive software development environment, which is based on the R-Car H3 system-on-chip (SoC), as well as the required sample application software for ADAS application software development and calibration software to correct distortion of the images for surround view. The up to eight automotive cameras of the solution kit allow developers to collect data from the environment for sensor fusion, being a necessary step towards autonomous drive.

The ADAS view solution kit is showcased at hall A6, stand 342, Electronica 2016, to be held in Munich, Germany, from November 8 to November 11.

Utimaco Joins Infinenon Security Partner Network

Utimaco is joining the Infineon Security Partner Network to arm Infineon’s customers with the tools and ongoing support to better combat attacks. Utimaco is also launching a dedicated U.S. Partner Program to better aid system integrators and value-added resellers against ongoing attacks with its hardware security module (HSM) technology.

Launched in 2015, the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) is a unique platform of security experts who address the broader IoT ecosystem with hardware-based security solutions that can be easily implemented. As part of the ISPN, Utimaco’s SecurityServer will provide the necessary tools for OEM customers to operate a centralized key management system to generate and distribute individual and production-specific keys as part of an effective encryption strategy. Not only is this increasing the overall security of the integrated systems that support IoT devices, but it is reducing the risk of breaches that could compromise the integrity of keys.

In addition to joining the ISPN, Utimaco is launching its own dedicated Partner Program to help participating system integrators (SI) and value-added resellers (VARs) get the most from their encryption strategies while fueling growth in their own markets. With a simple and attractive pricing model and professional training available for participating partners, Utimaco wants to make the path to launching highly secure encryption technology as clear and easy as possible.

KEMET Metal-Oxide Varistors

KEMET Corporation, global supplier of electronic components, introduced seven new series of metal-oxide varistors that complement its existing circuit-protection solutions and can protect critical circuit components from very high-energy discharges. The new devices include dual-function varistor-capacitors that combine transient and EMI protection, and plastic-enclosed varistors for increased reliability in humid environments.

The dual-function devices integrate a capacitor to suppress interference from devices such as DC electric motors and are AEC-Q200 qualified. Compact in size, these devices are ideal for protecting sensitive automotive electronics against electric-motor noise as well as potentially damaging high-energy transients. X7R-capacitor temperature characteristics ensure stable parameters over the specified temperature range.