Autonomous mobility service in the city testing

delphidriveDelphi will be testing a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles and a cloud-based mobility on demand software (AMoD) suite, beginning later this year in Signapore.

Engineers, acting as “safety drivers,” will accompany select commuters in the first phase of the pilot test. Delphi will start testing this fall through 2018. Later this year, Delphi will reveal plans for similar pilots in American and European cities.

Delphi is providing six fully autonomous self-drving vehicles for urban point-to-point, low-speed testing at one-north, a business park in west Singapore.  after testing for three years, theye expect services to be operatning by 2022.

Delphi claims it is bringing a whole new level of service.

“When we think about cloud-based services today, they are very well developed for mobile phones,” explains Glen De Vos, vice president of Delphi Services. “You have tremendous options for your mobile phone, whether it’s making reservations or shopping, news feeds or sports scores. The car doesn’t really have any of that. We’re talking about bringing that into the car as you make your plans.”

De Vos explains: “That can be getting from point A to point B for dinner, for meeting friends, making a trip, and the intent is to integrate those.”

By using the car as a mobility platform, all the individual, discrete actions one must do now to coordinate scheduling can be facilitated through the vehicle. That means no more parking, fueling or maintaining your car.

Delphi often uses the Microsoft Azure Clould which it uses for Delphi Connect. the best way for autonomous driving is when the car is connected to everything in V2X as shown in the video below.