Cheapest Connected Car Deal: hum free equipment, activation & 3 mo. teen monitoring in worst months of year

deviceVerizon has lowered the cost of the hum service with rebates and free perks for teen drivers. The promotion makes the devices one of the cheapest around with a discount totaling $79.00 off for a two year contract.

We are now in the worst deadliest 100 days of summer for teen drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day when teens take to the roads. Because the price of gas is low there will be more teens driving.

This summer, purchase hum for your new teen driver and get your equipment fee, activation fee and 3 months of service back. A 2-year subscription required. One time $20 activation fee and $29.99 equipment charge apply per device. Bill credit applied within 30 days of 2nd billing cycle. The Teen driver must be 19 or under and receive a first time driver’s license between 1/1/16 – 8/31/16.

With 30 dollars off the $10 a month charge it makes the cost $90 for the first year that includes roadside assistance which is less than Zubie which is an ODB device only without a speaker phone or roadside service included that costs $100 for a year.  If you calculate the cost of a AAA club membership or even one tow at $75, the price point of hum is very compelling now.

The hum system is made up of a self-installed speaker phone and OBD port device that helps make almost any car smarter, safer and more connected. It helps parents know their teen is protected wherever they go with emergency roadside assistance, speed and boundary alerts, a mechanics hotline and more. Other uses for the hum system can be older drivers or keeping track of family members there is also a discount for of $20 off hum today.

A good feature is the vehicle locating is when someone parks on a street parking spot in an unfamiliar area or in large parking lot such as those at parking mail and forgets the exact location.

“Whether your loved one behind the wheel is an aging parent or teenager or you’re a family with young children, hum gives drivers added peace of mind when they’re on the road,” said Marie McGehee spokeswoman for hum by Verizon.

hum helps predict potential issues, prevent breakdowns and offers protection when problems do arise. Upon pressing a button, drivers receive diagnostic information, roadside assistance and can get a live consultation with ASE-certified mechanics and emergency personnel on-demand. hum also provides maintenance reminders, parking assistance, incident alerts and emergency assistance, and vehicle diagnostics.

Reporting features within the hum web portal and app allow users to see changes such as a decline in gas mileage. The subscriber can contact a mechanic for assistance who might suggest changing the fuel filter or a tune-up. Subscribers can also set up reminders such as an oil change or tire rotation according to the mileage of the car to be sent via text, email or app notification. The user can also be alerted to when the speakerphone needs to be charge by the 12 Volt port in the car or via a USB charger at home or in the office.

Recently, hum was the center of a success story. Vjera Ricov, was concerned when her husband Victor Ricov, 87, who suffers from dementia, left their home in Solon, Ohio without his phone. Mr. Ricov was on his way to outlet mall when he made a wrong turn. Mrs. Ricov realized that she had recently purchased a system from Verizon called hum that was installed in the car. Using the hum app she located Mr. Ricov who was miles away and called the police for help.

The hum system can be purchased by Verizon customers to add on to their Verizon bill and is also now available directly to non-Verizon subscribers in Verizon stores as well as online at with  $20 off hum today.

  • A parent or legal guardian must mail credit eligibility form verifying teen driver eligibility to: hum and Go Teen Driving Offer, Verizon Telematics, Offer, PO Box 467549, Atlanta, GA 31146. To be eligible, your teen driver must be 19 or younger and have received a 1st time driver’s license between 1/1/16 and 8/31/16. Eligibility form must be postmarked no later than 9/30/16 and must include a photocopy of the 1st time license.

It looks like you you try the service for 14 days for free and if you don’t like it, send back the equipment. “You may cancel the service for any reason within 14 days of activation.” After that an early-termination fee applies