Savari Intros MoviWave OBUs, StreetWave RSUs & V2X middleware

SavariSavari Inc. announced its next generation of MobiWAVE On-Board Units (OBUs), StreetWAVE Road-Side Units (RSUs) and V2X middleware. These new solutions add to Savari’s industry-leading experience in V2X communication technology and target automotive manufacturers, tier one suppliers and governments that want to make our roadways safer and more efficient.

V2X communication technology is widely recognized throughout the industry as a ready-to-deploy option to bring advanced situational awareness to the driver through V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) and V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian) safety applications. V2X systems can operate independently or complement other connected vehicle technologies, and they offer the benefit of working in a non-line-of-sight environment with a 0.6 mi./1 km range. Savari’s life-saving V2X solutions are roadway proven, amassing over 15 million miles and four hundred thousand hours of public safety pilot testing with the USDOT.

Savari MobiWAVE OBUs

savarionboardunitThe new MobiWAVE OBU family of products for vehicles are completely redesigned, featuring an automotive grade processor that delivers 4x increase in computing power over the previous platform and multiple wireless radio support, including DSRC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular radios. The MobiWAVE platform is an industry standard and software configurable as a Vehicle Awareness Device (VAD), Aftermarket Safety Device (ASD) and a complete-off-the-shelf device for automotive manufacturers, tier one suppliers and aftermarket suppliers. The platforms feature automotive controller area network (automotive CAN), multiple forms of storage, a display, multi-axis sensor and a built-in speaker and microphone in a compact design. The platform also provides many industry firsts for a V2X system like position accuracy improvements especially in urban canyon, fast boot up, high reliability design, optional hardware crypto accelerator for line rate verification of received messages, optional built-in rechargeable battery with smart cutoff and much more.

Savari StreetWAVE RSU

Savari is releasing a lower cost version of its current StreetWAVE RSU in August and its next generation StreetWAVE RSU in the fourth quarter of 2016 that offers several enhancements for smart city and roadway infrastructure deployments. The next-generation model supports the latest USDOT DSRC specification, is fully version USDOT RSU 4.0-compliant, offers easy remote management via any SNMP browser and is available in a ruggedized compact form factor. The RSU features built-in Wi-Fi/BT and Cellular, optional crypto-acceleration for line rate security verification and a slew of other features that increase performance and reliability. Savari has created a high performance and cost-effective RSU that’s ideal for citywide or smaller scale type of deployments. Savari StreetWAVE RSUs are deployed in major public U.S. smart city testbeds, with over 90 percent of currently installed road-side-units, covering 130 square miles of public area.

Savari V2X Mddleware

The Savari MobiWAVE SDK provides feature-rich libraries for developing V2V and V2I applications for a wide range of customers from automotive manufacturers to municipal transportation departments. The company’s V2X software stack is comprised of over 1.5 million lines of code. The latest release is compliant to the 2016 version of the USDOT specifications. Savari MobiWAVE SDK has been used to develop advanced ITS applications such as predictive safety & mobility applications: forward collision warning, electronic emergency brake light, curve speed warning, work zone warning, pedestrian detection, transit signal priority for emergency responders and more. Customers can now use the Savari V2X software, which is in use in various major testbed deployments in the United States and Europe, including UMTRI Safety Pilot, Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership (CAMP), Virginia Connected Test Bed, Caltrans/UC Berkeley PATH Test Bed and Car-2-Car Communication Consortium.