GM gives Lyft Drivers a lift with affordable Chevy Equinox rentals

Lyft Chevy EquinoxLyft and General Motors announced the launch of their Express Drive short-term rental program for Lyft platform, drivers only. The program will make cars available to Lyft drivers with insurance and maintenance included with rates based on the number of rides provided.

There is a need for access to high-quality GM cars for Lyft. In Chicago alone, there were 60,000 people who applied to drive on the Lyft platform, but did not have a car that qualified. Express Drive directly addresses this need for millions of Americans who do not have access to a qualifying vehicle.

Express Drive begins later this month in Chicago and will soon roll out to additional cities including Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore and others. With Express Drive, the more you drive, the less you pay. Express Drive will start at $99 USD per week including insurance and maintenance which GM claims makes Express Drive the most flexible and affordable option.

  • The cost is $99 week for drivers who give 40 rides a week or $99/week + 20¢/mile for drivers who give less than 40 rides a week. Taxes are not included. The cost for driving for personal use is 20¢/mile.

When drivers complete 65 rides a week in Chicago, drivers will be able to access a vehicle at no weekly rental cost. Express Drive offers flexible terms for drivers who can rent cars on a weekly basis for up to eight weeks at a time.

In Chicago, Express Drive will provide access to Chevrolet Equinox crossovers equipped with OnStar, additional connectivity features as well as ample cargo space and flexible seating for up to five.

GM invested in Lyft and offers Wi-Fi hotspots for passengers along with OnStar services.


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