Self-driving Nomadic Power battery trailers are the new gas cans for Teslas and EVs?

nomad_bmw_i3_nissan_leafThe network of EV chargers doesn’t always get drivers where they want to go. For example, with a 84-mile-range Nissan Leaf, I can’t drive to Las Vegas or San Francisco. A new service coming in 2016 could cure range anxiety. Nomadic Power trailers are power stations that hook-up to the bumper and are towed for a portable power. Although the trailer will add weigh to vehicle, it is valuable in areas where there is no charging station nearby.

Nomadic Power wrote in a news release that Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk confirmed thinking about the concept of mobile batteries as range extenders – Nomadic Power will achieve series readiness in 2016

Nomadic Power will offer Nomads as range-extenders for rental at major arterial roads across the country. If you are a San Francisco-based owner of a BEV and decide to go to Los Angeles, you can ‘hook up’ a Nomad at an Autobahn station just outside San Francisco, drop it off at a station outside Los Angeles, and then have the freedom and “lightness” of a small car in the target city.

“We are delighted, that Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk is thinking about a concept like ours for even more extending the range of the Tesla models. We’re working on that concept with support from European Union and German government and will achieve series maturity very soon,” says Nomadic Power’s CEO Manfred Baumgaertner. “This confirms our approach to build a long distance mobility provider for all electric vehicles on the market.”

Nomadic Power is a high-tech company from Germany, with a development center in Stuttgart. Nomadic Power develops and markets mobile energy systems for decentralized storage and mobile use of electric energy.

Nomads can be used as stationary, movable, or mobile fast chargers. All types of e-cars can be charged using CCS or CHAdeMO plugs. Standard 16 – 32 A sockets are sufficient for establishing a Nomad fast charging station. Grid update, permission, and groundwork are not necessary.

The company plans after its trailer phase to offer self-driving autonomous power pods.

Step 1: Nomads for hitching up – Hitching up a Nomad mobile energy system at a station enables long-distance travelling for all battery electric vehicles. This removes the need to use a fast charging station (recharging for 20-40 min) every hour on longer business or holiday trips. An 85 kWh Nomad gives additional autonomy of 450 km and can be exchanged within 2 minutes – resulting in virtually unlimited range

Step 2: Self –riving Nomads – Self-driving Nomads can be ordered automatically while driving on the highway. AutoNomad solutions will be developed for electric passenger vehicles and for autonomous driving electric trucks.