HARMAN connects cars with platforms, Skype, removable Bluetooth system, OTA updates, security & services

harmancarHARMAN announced suites of major software and hardware solutions for automakers who want to create the ultimate connected car experience. HARMAN now offers integration of Microsoft products including Cortanna, the new LIV connected car platform, Summit Audio for luxury, new pop-out Bluetooth speaker systems and a service platform for live traffic data, SAAS and OTA updates. There is also a 3D mapping system and system that monitors eye pupils to see if the driver is overloaded.

MS Office with Video Conferencing Skype on the Road

HARMAN is integrating Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite capabilities into Harman infotainment systems. Drivers will be able to access Office 365 services and interact with them through intelligent personal assistant software to schedule meetings, hear and respond to important emails, and make Skype calls when in park, or when on the road in autonomous vehicles.

HARMAN’S LIV Live Connected 3D ADAS Modular Everything for Cars

HARMAN’s LIV offers scalable compute platforms, modular connectivity solutions, camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), high-resolution 3D maps, e-Horizon to extend driver’s view with V2X, personalization and security.

LIV worked in a demo car, Ʃtos that showed two curved, ultrahigh-resolution 4K 21.5-inch widescreen monitors and a central HD display that present relevant information to the driver and his or her copilots.

HARMAN demoed a complete office suite for autonomous vehicle mode, which affords the same level of productivity as a stationary office including one-touch video conferencing. Harman offers the HARMAN 5+1 safety architecture with hypervisor and firewall as an indispensable basis for all technologies and services, including OTA (Over the Air) update capabilities, which helps to protect the connected car from outside threats such as hackers.

HARMAN Audio for Autos

HARMAN offers the Summit Car Audio platform and the seamless, scalable Infinity Voyager Drive lifestyle audio system. These connected systems offer personalization and adaptability.

Summit Car Audio solution is a new modular, automotive hardware and connected software platform that offers HARMAN’s highest level of acoustic performance coupled with cutting edge expandable features for luxury cars.Summit provides an ultra-premium listening experience capable of more than 24 individual channels of amplification and equalization, while simultaneously delivering proprietary HARMAN DSP-based technologies such as Individual Sound Zones (ISZ), QuantumLogic Surround Sound, Clari-Fi music reconstruction technology and Road Noise Cancellation. Other features are Virtual Venues that sound like performance spaces, Connected Jukebox for sharing from multiple devices, QuantumLogic Immersion surround sound and Personal Bass Impact with seat transducers to fell the bass.

HARMAN’s Summit allows for easy upgrades throughout the vehicle lifecycle, while also opening up new revenue streams through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates via OEM app stores.

Voyager Drive: Expanding the Landscape for Premium Audio

The Infinity Voyager Drive solution, is full-range portable Bluetooth speaker system that pops into and out of the vehicle dashboard to seamlessly follow consumers from their car, to the house, the beach, campsite, or anywhere else their journey may take them.

Voyager Drive is designed to appeal to the fast growing segment of young consumers who demand portability and personalization without compromising quality. It also features connectivity c that links your music to lighting, Dirac Panorama sound and built-in speakerphone functionality with advanced microphones and SoundClear echo noise cancellation technology so your calls come through loud, clear and hands-free.

Service Delivery at Your Service

HARMAN’s Service Delivery Platform enables¬† services including new software features after vehicle sale, vehicle data to predict part failures, forecasting for preventative maintenance, and analysis of warranty claims.

HARMAN Service Delivery Platform includes a collection of managed and SAAS services available to automakers, OTA Campaign Management (by HARMAN Redbend), Vehicle Diagnostics, Remote Control, Connected Infotainment and Connected Navigation.

Among the first new service providers for HARMAN Service Delivery Platform is HERE. Automakers can deploy HERE Real Time Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) Traffic through the HARMAN Platform. HERE Real Time TPEG Traffic delivers up to the minute information about traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, including slower than normal traffic flow, road works and accidents – improving the accuracy of arrival times.


HARMAN’s latest navigation solutions will integrate state-of-the-art route guidance instructions with connected safety information via a combination of embedded and cloud based services. HARMAN offers the ability to creat dynamic map layers on top of standard supplier-based maps for personalized and accurate route guidance experience. HARMAN’s advanced navigation solution is fully customizable to receive any type of sensor data from the car: GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, LIDAR, camera, etc. Using advanced on-board map localization algorithms, HARMAN can upload an important part of the data collected to a backend server.

Pupil Fatigue

HARMAN also offers a system that measures increases in pupil dilation as an indication of a driver’s mental workload. HARMAN’s new proprietary eye and pupil tracking system measures high cognitive load and mental multitasking in the driver’s seat, and signals the car’s other safety systems to adapt to the driver’s state. A camera continually captures the driver’s pupil dilation, and a proprietary software algorithm analyzes the pupil reflex using advanced filtering and signal processing. The filter isolates and identifies responses triggered by high cognitive load. The calculated outputs are used to intuitively adjust user interfaces, like placing mobile devices in do-not-disturb mode or adjusting ADAS system intervention thresholds to minimize physical and mental distraction to the driver.