Continental’s eHorizon HERE with adaptive cruise control

img_2015_07_13_ehorizon_cruise_control_en-dataContinental is testing adaptive cruise control with eHorizon with HERE maps for more dynamic cruise control that will lead to development of highly autonomous driving.

Adaptive Cruise Control with eHorizon combines the accuracy of road maps from HERE, and the sensor information from the vehicle with additional levels of information. The information includes data on lane-keeping and routing, as well as additional route information such as the curve radius and upward and downward slopes, plus driving-related data such as current  speed limits and traffic restrictions.

The mapping information lets the vehicle virtually look around the corner.

The test vehicle regulates driving speed in ACC mode and takes over full longitudinal control. The speed control also considers the curve radii of the current road. Connected Enhanced Cruise Control, all the driver has to do is steer.

The accelerator force feedback pedal developed by Continental is also installed in the test vehicle. It uses specific amounts of resistance to remind the driver to adhere to current speed limits or to warn the driver if a curve is being approached too quickly.

Further development of the system into a complete “dynamic eHorizon” is also planned for the future. As part of this, additional information is constantly updated via an online connection. A mobile radio module installed in the vehicle enables data to be exchanged in both directions.

At the same time, however, the vehicle itself takes charge of recording and providing data for the entire system.

Aggregation and analysis of the data provided from various sources is performed by a highly scalable backend platform created in cooperation with IBM. As a result, the dynamic eHorizon can not only be built up for the entire German highway network but can also be offered worldwide.