Uber drives self-driving research, Google gets into ride service ride

UBErcarneigemelonIt looks like Uber and Google are driving each other crazy, each venturing into the others playgrounds according to recent reports of both companies’ future plans. Uber is driving self-driving research and Google wants to get into the ride services ride.

Uber announced a partnership with Carengie Mellon University to create the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, near the CMU campus.

Uber will work with CMU faculty, staff, and students at the college campus and the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)to research and develop technology in mapping, vehicle safety and autonomous driving.

On the flip side, Bloomberg Business News reported on Monday that Google heavily invested in Uber but may become a competitor by offering ride sharing services.

David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development is on the Uber board of directors. He informed the board that Google is working on its own ride sharing service with its self-driving car project. The information came from someone connected to the Uber board. Uber management has seen screenshots of something that seemed like a Google ride sharing service.

Time will only tell when these companies will really learn to share…