Walmart Most Popular, Los Angeles Most Traffic Re-Routing and Routing, Says TeleNav

business_searches.jpgTeleNav, released data that shows all kinds of interesting preferences for TeleNav users. Walmart is the most popular business location.  Los Angelenos use GPS the most for navigation for routing and re-routing around traffic. The favorite food for searching is pizza.  Phoenix is the most cost conscious city.

Walmart topped the list as the number one U.S. business TeleNav
customers sought, while using their GPS service. Starbucks took a
close second, Target and
Best Buy, took the third and fourth spots respectively, while Bank of
America rounded out the top five most searched destinations in the

Angeles took the number one position as the city where most GPS searches
occurred in 2009. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area followed in a close second,
indicating that while things may be bigger in Texas, it doesn’t always
mean they’re easier to find. Chicago, Houston and Atlanta, respectively,
rounded out the top five U.S. cities where most GPS searches took

TeleNav users in Los Angeles chose to use GPS
navigation to re-route around traffic more than any other city in the
nation. Other top five cities where drivers preferred to use GPS to get
around traffic instead of sitting in gridlock included Washington D.C.,
New York City, Chicago and Atlanta, respectively.

Search data from December 2009 showed
that pizza is the top food item searched for by customers using
TeleNav’s GPS applications. Residents of Chicago led the way in GPS
searches for pizza while residents of New York City were most likely to
search for the nation’s second preferred cuisine type, Chinese food.
Rounding out the top five of America’s most searched food types are
burgers, American food and Mexican food, respectively.

Data from December 2009 indicates that residents of Phoenix may be the
most cost conscious drivers in America, as residents of that city
averaged more Gas by Price searches than any other city. In a close
second, residents of San Antonio were also looking to save a buck at the
pump through Gas by Price searches. Cleveland, Detroit and
Jacksonville, respectively, rounded out the top five cities with such
economical drivers.

TeleNav has over 13 million subscribers. It offers mapping and navigating to Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile USA

* National GPS usage data was collected
anonymously from users of TeleNav GPS navigation products