Texting While Driving Commercials

brainApril is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Previously we published three PSA’s including the “I’m a Texpert Rap Battle” and the new NHTSA “Manifesto” texting while driving commercials as part of a $8.5 Million campaign. More PSA’s and commercials have been released recently.

Honda’s safety #ThumbsUp Dn’t Txt & Drv commercial is not graphic like the recent “Manefesto” commercials, however, it makes the same point. There are romantic texts on the screen that come to screeching halt with a crash sound.

AT&T released a video showing golfer Zach Johnson taking the AT&T pledge to never text and drive.

The National Safety Council announced the winners of their Video Contest Winners. The first video shows how the brain works and that there is really no such thing a multitaksing.

In an animated video, showing that hands-free is still a distraction and you wouldn’t want your surgeon talking on the phone.

The Dori Slosberg Foundation launched a commercial that notes “In Driving there are no makeup tests,” during Florida Safe Driving Awareness Week April 18-24.

The California Highway Patrol shows the sad story of a girl who dies while texting “Don’t waste your life on a text message.”

Meanwhile, a driver was so upset he made a video of him witnessing another accident in almost the same location as the last. Both people were texting while driving. Today was a little different as the driver got out, looked at his car , got back in and then fled the scene of the accident with a flat.


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