Cheaper Bluetooth Remote Start, OnStar-like features & Eyelock ID

CarlinkBTVOXXAt CES, Voxx announced a new product that will make remote start features cheaper by using Bluetooth rather than costly cellular data and also demonstrated eye authentication for automotive applications.

CarLinkBT is a Bluetooth module and smartphone app that is compatible with most remote start systems.  When paired to the smartphone app, CarLinkBT transforms the smartphone into a transmitter, giving remote access to the vehicle through a direct secure connection. This allows the user to never be without a key and use a smartphone instead. The pricing could be cheaper than buying another key fob. It also works as backup or for additional use by family members and spouses.

Users get Remote Access/Start capabilities within Bluetooth range on up to 10 smartphones.

The number one use by OnStar is to unlock the car which requires a high yearly fee.

“This module will change all that. Every function of the fob is done through Bluetooth,” said Tom Malone, president of VOXX electronics.

The feature uses $7.95 app and Bluetooth module. Users will also have access to the CarLink Insurance Discount Program to potentially save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance.

The basic Bluetooth CarLinkBT Module (ASCLBT) will be available early spring for an MSRP of $69.99.

lkThere is an upgraded versions with many cellular data called CarLinkBT Cellular Basic Service for Remote Access/Start capabilities from anywhere and CarLinkBT Cellular Premium Service. The premium service includes eCall, roadside assistance, driver safey, geo-fencing,vehicle location, stop-texing and driver scoring.

Cellular Basic Service fee of $59.99/year.and Cellular Premium Service fee of $119.99/year using the Prestige PROCORE with CarLinkBT for $349.99.

See video below at 10:30 for the announcements about CarLinkBT and directly following the announcement information about Eyelock.
At CES, also at the VOXX booth, EyeLock demonstrated a proof of concept that validates the driver and authorizes the start of a vehicle with biometric eye iris recognition.
EyeLock’s iris identity authentication technology can be easily integrated across various automotive applications providing unprecedented security and personalization. In addition to secured access and vehicle start, EyeLock’s iris authentication can also offer individual user certainty as well as a fully customized driving experience with personalized driver settings including seat and mirror positions, radio presets, and other features.

Once integrated into the vehicle, the authentication process takes less than five seconds to complete and is as simple as looking in the mirror. This solution can also provide benefits for usage based insurance applications as well as fleet management. Fleet operators will be able to provide a safe and secure environment knowing only authenticated drivers are behind the wheel.