Intel processors for connected cars & IoT

Intel announced the latest generation of the Intel Atom processors for IoT applications and Intel Atom processors dedicated for automotive applications. The A3900 series is

Futuristic connected, intelligent and ADAS videos 2Day

HDvideostreamsIntelToday is a holiday in the United States, Columbus Day, when Columbus discovered America. We thought today would be a great day to discover new videos of interest to connected car fans.

Intel in the first promotional video shows how it developing security for “Intelligent Cars” that are step above connected cars.

In connected car face imaging recognizes driver and hand signals for private driving with Mobii

speakdestinationMobile Interior Imaging, or Project Mobii is a joint project from Ford and Intel that could stop car thieves and prevent accidents. The cameras can see gestures to control car functions and smartphone connections.  They can be programmed to keep private information such as contacts private.

Mobii research tested new applications for interior cameras, including driver authentication for improved privacy controls that identify different drivers and automatically adjust features based on an individual’s preferences.