Smartphone in Steering Wheel & UFO Fin Part of Faraday Future’s Future

Faraday Future aka FF held an event here in Las VFF_CES_Racecar_2880x1440_CMFegas to reveal its view of the car of the future. The Faraday Future FFZERO1 looks like a cross between the Jetson’s car and the BMW i8.

Investor, Ding Lei used to work for GM and sold 3,000 gas cars a day and he feels guilty. He hopes to make up for the pollution by supporting Faraday Future electric cars. The car has a UFO Fin in that goes down the middle of the vehicle which will be a part of future Faraday Future designs.

In the center of the steering wheel, a smartphone is mounted to help with car functions. The white seat surrounds the driver like a rocket ship’s seat. The driver’s neck is supported, while oxygen and water is feed to him through tubes.

The FFZERO1 is a high performance electric vehicle built using FF’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), a modular engineering system optimized for electric vehicles, on which all future FF production vehicles will be based.

Faraday Future claims the VPA will enable FF to minimize production costs, deliver exceptional quality and safety, dramatically increase its speed to market, and could easily support a range of vehicle types and sizes.