Booster seats 4 under 4’9″ & Safe Kids events for National Child Safety Week

safetyseeatThere was a lot hoopla this summer over the news that some parents had accidentally left children in child seats in the heat although there is technology to remind parents.  For National Child Passenger Safety Week (Sept. 14-20), Safe Kids Worldwide released a study that showed nine out of 10 parents take children out of car booster seats before they are tall  enough.

The study was partially funded by the GM Foundation that is committed to its partnership with Safe Kids and sponsoring events this week.

ADAS needed for children in child seats in hot cars, use app or Childminder for now

kars4kidssafeytappIt is awful to learn that people accidentally leave children in cars in the heat during the summer.  In fact, there have been 13 deaths of children this summer being left in cars. Last year more than 40 children died as a result of being left alone in a hot car. However, we live in world of distractions and parents are so overwhelmed they do forget things.  The movie “Home Alone” illustrates how a parent accidentally forgot one kid at home when leaving for vacation.  Given the fact that parents are completely overloaded with responsibilities, the car industry should step up and make sure that no child is ever killed in a hot car again. In the meantime, there are a few solutions to help stop Baby-Forgetting Syndrome.

Toddler, Cooper Harris, was strapped into a car seat and while his father in his air-conditions office in Georgia and he tragically died. No matter what we think about the situation somethings can be done.