AEye AE110 Software Defined Solid State LiDAR

AEye, a world leader in artificial perception systems and the developer of iDAR™,  announced the AE110, its most advanced product for the automotive mobility market.

AutoDrive Challenge Drives Road to Autonomous Driving

Educational initiatives, such as the AutoDrive Challenge, enable next-generation engineers to deepen their knowledge and gain hands-on experience with autonomous vehicle technology. The AutoDrive Challenge,

Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan LiDAR

Baraja publicly unveiled Spectrum-Scan LiDAR. Spectrum-Scan uses prism-like optics and shifting wavelengths of light to create powerful eyes for autonomous vehicles, giving those vehicles unprecedented

Velodyne LiDAR for Aerial Mapping

Demand for 3-D scanning technology keeps rising in vehicle safety, aerial mapping, and security, but not all options can strike the perfect balance between reliability