Connecting to Law Enforcement & Storing Videos RoadVault for Android & iPhone Launches

The RoadVault app premiers and it is designed to address the growing concerns surrounding road rage incidents, accidents, and reckless driving behaviors. Developed for smartphones, RoadVault empowers users to capture real-time footage of road incidents, ensuring accountability and promoting safer driving practices.

With RoadVault, users can effortlessly record and securely store videos of road incidents directly from their smartphones in 2-minute increments. Unlike other video recording apps, RoadVault’s unique design ensures that videos are never in the hands of the user, eliminating the possibility of tampering or editing. This unparalleled security feature guarantees the integrity of the recorded footage, providing reliable evidence in the event of disputes or legal proceedings.

One of the key features of RoadVault is its seamless integration with local law enforcement agencies. Users have the option to voluntarily submit recorded videos to authorities, enabling law enforcement to swiftly investigate incidents and determine accountability. By facilitating the submission of video evidence, RoadVault empowers users to actively contribute to road safety and assist authorities in enforcing traffic laws.

RoadVault’s impact extends beyond individual users, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders including law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, insurance companies, and the general public. By providing a reliable platform for documenting road incidents, RoadVault aims to foster a safer driving environment while promoting accountability & civility on the roads.

RoadVault is now available for download on App Store/Google Play Store. For more information about RoadVault and its features, visit

About RoadVault: RoadVault is a cutting-edge smartphone application designed to empower users to record and securely store video evidence of road incidents. With its tamper-proof video recording technology and seamless integration with law enforcement agencies, RoadVault is revolutionizing the way road incidents are documented and addressed. Our core values at RoadVault start with privacy. We will not share, save or sell your data unless you’ve given explicit permission or unless legally bound to do so.

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