Tesla Model 3 Fastest Charging with Super 60.5 MP6 @174 kW

Over the last several months, AMCI Testing has been evaluating comparative fast-charging capabilities across a wide range of EVs. We call this new rating MP6® as it measures miles of range added when they matter most: When you are short on range and/or short on time. MP6® mimics the 6 minutes of a typical gas-station stop.

Effectively, MP6® assumes consumers should not need to alter their long-standing fueling habits—nor the amount of time they are willing to dedicate to enroute fueling.  MP6® clearly shows how many miles of range each EV can add within this essential and expected 6-minute window.

Tesla’s 2024 Model 3 ‘Highland’ has now topped AMCI Testing’s MP6® results to date, nearly doubling the performance of our previous 1st Place vehicle—the Toyota bZ4X.

“Although probably not unexpected, these definitive AMCI Testing results show just how significant Tesla’s charging advantage is in the real world,” said David Stokols, CEO of AMCI Testing’s parent company, AMCI Global. “Other OEMs competing in the EV space will certainly need to increase their charging performance, convenience and ease of use now that every BEV can use the same charger; the Tesla Supercharger.”

One key reason behind the new Model 3’s MP6® performance was the brief time between vehicle connection and maximum current delivery on its native Supercharger network—achieving a maximum rate as high as 174 kW within the first minute.

“Although we have seen significant differences in the MP6® results between previously tested competitors, the 2024 Model 3 shows just what a manufacturer can do when they control both the vehicle and the charger’s protocol,” said Guy Mangiamele, Director of AMCI Testing. “It’s also important to note that this performance was achieved on Tesla’s lowest-priced vehicle, and with a battery chemistry likely less favorable to fast charging than other Tesla models, or non-Tesla competitors.”

Of course, all MP6® testing to date has been conducted on the Tesla Supercharger network, with non-Tesla vehicles using the Tesla ‘Magic Dock.’ “It will be interesting to see what happens to Tesla’s performance when we turn the tables and test the Model 3 on a non-Tesla network,” Mangiamele added. “Stay tuned.”

AMCI Testing MP6®Leaderboard Results:

1st place

Tesla Model 3 RWD

60.5 MP6

2nd place

Toyota bZ4X

35.0 MP6

3rd place

Ford Mustang Mach-E

32.5 MP6

4th place

Mercedes-Benz EQE

31.5 MP6

5th place

Hyundai IONIQ 5

28.0 MP6

6th place


23.0 MP6

7th place

Ford F-150 Lightning

22.0 MP6

8th place

Rivian R1S

20.5 MP6

In the coming weeks and months, as OEMs provide vehicles, AMCI Testing will publish further MP6® test results with commentary on the experience.