Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) News: TTTech Auto, BlackBerry, SODA & Untethered AI

AUTO Connected Car News launches a new feature “Software Defined Vehicle SDV News” it rounds up all the news about Software Defined Vehicles. This week we have news from TTTech Auto, BlackBerry, SODA & Untethered AI.

TTTech & BB Schedule Scheduling

TTTech Auto and BlackBerry Limited  announced an expansion of their existing partnership to address the growing complexity challenges of software defined vehicles (SDVs). The co-operation will support the native integration of the latest BlackBerry® QNX® Operating System (OS) 8.0 with TTTech Auto’s best-in-class scheduling solutions in a single safety-certified product. This will enhance performance and enable better utilization of the underlying semiconductors in complex and highly mission-critical environments such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in SDVs.

The joint product from this co-operation will support the scalability of architectures, from zonal to domain controllers and central compute, as well as from fail-safe to fail-operational solutions. By leveraging best-in-class scheduling algorithms, the design phase is simplified and testing efforts reduced, allowing users to modify their configuration with just one click and achieve functional results consistently. The product is pre-certified to support relevant safety standards (ISO 26262 up to ASIL D) and security standards (ISO 21434). It will be available for projects end of Q2/2024 and fully certified in Q4/2024.

“The combination of rapid advancements in silicon chip performance, increasing system integration and interdependency, and growing software complexity is creating a pressure cooker environment for SDV manufacturers,” said John Wall, SVP and head of QNX at BlackBerry. “When safety and security are paramount, there is no room for compromise. That’s where our partnership with TTTech Auto excels. It will deliver a linchpin product that supports scalable architectures and complex interactions needed by SDVs on our trusted safe and secure QNX foundation.”

“Developing SDVs makes the old days of auto design look like child’s play,” commented Stefan Poledna, CTO at TTTech Auto. “SDVs of the future require a system-wide approach that embraces the “4 S’s” of system, safety, security and software integration. In partnership with QNX, we’re helping overcome a major hurdle by offering a pre-integrated and pre-certified solution that ticks all of the boxes to support innovation and advancement in SDVs.”

This partnership builds on the success of an initial co-operation announced in June 2022, through which TTTech Auto and BlackBerry have integrated the BlackBerry QNX® Neutrino® Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and TTTech Auto’s safe vehicle software platform, MotionWise. Joint products from this co-operation are already in production.


SODA launched SDV Kit, marking a major milestone for the automotive industry. This is the world’s first ready-to-use kit for Software Defined Vehicle creation.

SODA SDV Kit addresses the automakers critical demand for faster vehicle software engineering amidst shrinking budgets and traditional outsourcing to over 150 suppliers.

SDV Kit includes:

  • AI-powered tools to assist engineers from requirements to certification.
  • 200+ ready-to-use vehicle features with requirements, architecture, software and tests.
  • Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architecture with SODA-approved Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
  • Full range of vehicle and systems engineering services to support development needs.

SDV Kit empowers automotive innovators to develop vehicle software 2x faster, reducing the time-to-market for new vehicle models with 4x less cost, with no compromise on quality, safety, and security.

SDV Kit is made for:

  • Automotive Startups seeking to balance ambitious goals with moderate budgets.
  • Established Automakers aiming to embrace Software Defined Vehicle approach and streamline software engineering processes.
  • Bus Manufacturers needing to meet budget constraints and new regulatory standards.
  • Autonomous Vehicle companies looking for comprehensive development platforms.
  • Retrofitters enhancing user experiences with modern technology.
  • Motorsport teams requiring rapid development and integration of advanced AI-driven software.

As the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) market is projected to reach a staggering $700 billion by 2034, SODA SDV Kit is the toolset in this gold rush, offering the ‘shovels’ needed for companies to ‘mine’ efficiently and effectively.

Beyond automakers, this innovation extends its benefits to the end-user; car buyers will enjoy faster releases of new models, seamless over-the-air updates and advanced vehicle features, turning cars into evolving living spaces on wheels.

To get further details on SODA SDV Kit and to begin the journey towards a Software Defined Vehicle, visit

Untether AI Joins SOAFEE

Untether AI, the leader in energy-centric AI inference acceleration, today announced that it has joined the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) Special Interest Group (SIG). The SOAFEE SIG is focused on delivering an architecture for automotive applications with associated reference implementations to help advance the deployment of software-defined vehicles (SDV). Untether AI’s joining the organization represents the company’s ongoing commitment to the automotive marketplace. Untether AI’s expertise in AI inference acceleration for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) applications will be invaluable for furthering the organization’s goals.

“As the industry leader in energy-centric AI inference acceleration, we are excited about contributing to and engaging with SOAFEE SIG,” said Robert Beachler, vice president of product at Untether AI. “The clear benefits of SDV and the associated demands for best-in-class AI acceleration performance with predictable, low-latency responsiveness makes SOAFEE membership a natural fit for Untether AI. We look forward to collaborating closely with the SOAFEE ecosystem to provide our unique AI insights to the SIG to help usher in this transformative era in the automotive industry.”

More than 100 companies are members of the SOAFEE SIG, including major automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, semiconductor suppliers, IP suppliers, and software suppliers. The concept of the software-defined vehicle promises to lower development costs and enhance platform scalability by revolutionizing how vehicles are designed, built, and maintained. The key to platform scaling for SDVs lies in a centralized architecture. This drives the need for both high-performance and energy-centric AI acceleration. With today’s connected car, this requirement extends beyond the vehicle itself to encompass cloud services, creating a significant market for AI acceleration solutions tailored for automotive use.