Rivian Shows $45K R2-Self-Driving Compute, R3 & Super R3X

The Rivian R2 was revealed today with lots of new features in including rear window that goes all the way down and side rear windows opens for better air flow.Unlike other Rivian vehicles the R2 has glove boxes. With a range of up to 300 miles, the R2 has compute ready for hands-off-the-wheel autonomous driving with a starting price of $45,000. Reservations open today with $100 deposits. R2 delivers will start in first half of 2026 making the vehicles in Normal, IL.

“I’m so excited about this vehicle,” said R.J. Scaringe,”representing a platform for collective learning and flexibility in manufacturing

The new vehicle features a glove box and large water bottle, with a dynamic haptic feedback system on the steering wheel.Engineers prioritized quick acceleration and long range in designing the Ravine, a highly structural battery pack integrated into the vehicle’s floor. The battery pack has 4695 cells that are bigger than the RI cells.

Rivian design focused on dynamics, software, sensors, and compute for self-driving capabilities.

R2 will com dual motor one motor in the front another motor in the back, all wheel drive variant. There is also a tri motor, two motors in the back. One of the front and the high points variants the vehicle zero to 60 well under three seconds.

The R2 this has 11 cameras, five radars for it around the corner one long range radar on the front, which we coupled with our new much higher compute

R3 shrinks the R2 into a crossover that makes the inside looks big.

“It takes the package of art to the platform. It shrinks it, it puts it into our take on what is a crossover. And it’s a vehicle it’s almost hard to define what it is but it’s so beautifully captures our brand and hashtag what we represent as a company. It’s dynamically incredible. The shorter wheelbase, the tighter dimensions, really enable it to be something that’s maneuverable and drivable. But as tidy as is on dimensions on the outside. We’ve put so much effort into making sure that the inside feels big and much like we saw on our to theirs. There’s a lot of work that went into everything that you see in the rear of the vehicle, the entrepreneurs in the front of the vehicle. But this is all enabled by the platform, and it’s about five inches shorter 135 millimeters shorter than what you see in our two in terms of wheelbase, but leveraging all that same content. So the single motor of dual motor and tri motor, the beautiful battery pack built around a larger format cell or network architecture,” said Scaringe.

The R3 has a back flipper window with an adjustable height.

“Looking at our R3, we wanted to take everything that’s embodied and put it into an even higher performance package. And this is something we call our 3X,” said Scaringe.

“The R3 delivers deep performance capability into and there’s lots of subtle differences for wider wheel and tire a little wider stance, more ground clearance, tri motor setup, and a focus on really taking the capabilities of what ravine represents and really flexing and really showing on and in a small cars, smaller crossover delivering a level of on and off road performance that that will get us all very excited,” he added.

Rivian will continue work on Georgia site for scaling R2, R3, R3X production.

“We exist to not only help transition the world with reclaimed fuels, and into electrification, we exist to help generate amazing memories in the process of doing so,” concluded Scaringe.

Here are some more stats from the Riviain news release:

DC fast charging is compatible with both NACS (native) and CCS (with adapter), charging from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

Designs feature an extreme focus on rear passenger legroom, even long trips in R2 and R3 are comfortable. With the seats folding completely flat, ample sized front and rear trunks, and additional interior storage, there is space for everyone and all their gear.

Rivian’s new steering wheel with integrated haptic control dials makes it easier to stay focused on the road ahead.